Granbull Best Moveset

Granbull Best Moveset – The Fairy-Type Brawler

If you’re looking to find a Pokemon with monstrous attack power but not much speed, look no further than the Granbull. This Fairy-type Pokémon can be a fantastic choice as it covers a wide range of Pokemon types. It has a powerful attack movepool and is very effective against both steel and Dragon-types. However, despite its monstrous strength, Granbull falls short of the stats needed to reach Master League status.

Granbull fits in well on bulky offense teams because of his high HP and Attack stats, and his ability to deal damage and remove status. His role compression is also good, and his Thunder Wave support is highly appreciated by wallbreakers and cleaners. Although he is not the strongest Pokemon in the game, he makes a great ally and can switch out with other members of his team.

Granbull’s weak Special Defense makes him very easy to revenge kill, and his Speed is terrible. This makes him susceptible to attacks from high Speed Special Attackers, who are able to use Quick Feet or Rattled. Due to this, he relies on his teammates to survive and perform.

While Granbull is a powerful Fairy-Type brawler, there are some weaknesses that should be avoided. Granbull’s two main weaknesses are Poison and Steel-Type moves and should be avoided when possible. It is also vulnerable to Fire and Electric-Type moves. Its weaknesses should be avoided, and you should focus on its dual attack and its two counter-attack styles.

Granbull’s best moveset consists of two attacks: Play Rough and Snarl. These movesets are ideal for PVP battles. Granbull’s attack stat is decent, and its dependable physical Fairy attacks will cause damage. Play Rough and Snarl also provide excellent type coverage.

Granbull is a very budget-friendly option, and it is a viable choice against Electric-types. It is also useful against Dragons, especially those with strong Ground moves. Although it is weak to Ice and Electric, it is much more fun to play as a Ground user. Its Earthquake and Earth Power are better than the Grass-type Sand Tomb, and its Earth Power is not limited to Community Day.

In addition to Shadow Mamoswine and Shadow Swampert, there are some other great Grass-types to consider as well. The Granbull is an excellent ground-type for TDO and DPS, but it is outclassed by its Shadow cousin, the Shadow Victreebel.

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