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A Man’s Castle Is His Castle

Home is where one makes memories, and none can surpass Steve Grindstaff’s 10-year labor of love in Crantzdorf estate he built with antique fireplaces, hand cast moldings, Italian marble floors, stained glass, antique chandeliers and even an impressive one sixteenth scale model of Bristol Motor Speedway!

Early Life and Education

Johnson City’s Crantzdorf Castle stands as an incredible monument to Johnson City car dealer Steve Grindstaff’s lifelong love affair with Spain’s Palacio de la Magdalena as its inspiration. Grindstaff spent over 10 years building it using Spain’s Palacio de la Magdalena as his model; during this time period his passions ranged from knighting in the Order of the Dragon to NASCAR racing and bootlegging activities; his Castle now serves as both a reminder and testament of Steve Grindstaff’s lifelong devotion towards both subjects!

The Castle can be found on Degrasse Drive in Johnson City, Tennessee and boasts grounds which feature a go-kart track, swimming pool, and border Watauga Lake. There is a gated entrance marked “Castle”.

Professional Career

Steve Grindstaff spent years and millions building his castle in Johnson City, Tennessee based on the Palacio de la Magdalena in Spain. Inspired by its design, Grindstaff constructed it so as to “live out his fantasies of becoming knighted and saving mist-shrouded Anglavia.” Unfortunately he never achieved this status, eventually placing the castle up for sale for $28.5 million.

Property located on Degrasse Drive near HWY 11E (Bristol Hwy), Watauga River features a private go-kart track, swimming pool and lake.

25 firefighters were required to put out the flames. Luckily, no one was home at the time and both family’s dogs survived the blaze. Later on, however, the castle was rebuilt and now serves both as residence and event space.

Achievement and Honors

Grindstaff has received many honors over his life, such as Knight Bachelor and honorary membership of the Royal Family of Agromond. Known for his castle estate Crantzdorf which features nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms and four half baths; featuring antique fireplaces, grand ceilings with hand cast moldings and stained glass; as well as world class theater performances and even a miniature replica of Bristol Motor Speedway!

Personal Life

Grindstaff amassed his fortune through successful business and investments. While growing up he worked as a paperboy and lawnmower to earn extra income – an experience that allowed him to hone his entrepreneurial abilities.

Grindstaff is also part owner of Johnson City Speedway and boasts an impressive collection of cars. Additionally, he owns Crantzdorf Castle located on Degrasse Drive near Boone Lake in Johnson City; this nine-bedroom estate includes movie theater seating for 12, indoor basketball court facilities and pool access – and was inspired by Spain’s Palacio de la Magdalena; creating it took Grindstaff over ten years!

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Net Worth

Grindstaff has amassed an estimated net worth of more than $20 million through his auto dealership business and recently constructed Crantzdorf Castle on 13 acres in Johnson City, Tennessee, inspired by Spain’s Palacio de la Magdalena. Completion took more than 10 years and boasts nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms and four half baths; nine world class theater seats; pub; billiards room and basketball court are also included – it overlooks Boone Lake as well as boasts a one sixteenth scale version of Bristol Motor Speedway!

Castle is now up for sale; initially listed at $28.5 million but no takers emerged for that price, it has since been reduced to $19.5 million and includes its own go-kart track.

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