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Celebrity Gossip Host Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo may keep some details about his personal life private, but isn’t bashful about showing his affection for his family – particularly his son whom he holds close and often posts photos of on social media.

He is also an ardent soccer fan who often posts pictures wearing jerseys from his favorite team.

Early Life and Education

Guillermo has an intimate relationship with his wife; however, details regarding their life together remain private. Additionally, he treasures every moment spent with their son whom he often posts photos of on Instagram.

Guillmo is a political activist and community organizer working for Public Advocates Inc. where he advocates for access to public transportation services for low-income communities of color and their constituents. Before that he served as director at Strake Jesuit High School and spearheaded various fundraising and education initiatives throughout Mexico such as Sierra Tarahumara Social Reintegration Foundation.

Guillermo is an avid American soccer fan who adores eating Mexican and Italian cuisine. Additionally, he is well-known as an established television personality who hosts “Guillermo’s Hollywood Roundup” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Professional Career

Guillermo first rose to fame in 2003 after he was hired as a comic security guard in the studio parking lot of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Since then he has become known as celebrity gossip correspondent in “Guillermo’s Hollywood Round-Up.” Additionally he interviews celebrities at award ceremonies and NBA finals.

He is an avid collector of Gothic art and boasts over 600 pieces in his collection. Additionally, he owns what he refers to as The Bleak House house.

He is also an extremely gifted artist, appearing in films such as Rock Slyde, Guardians of the Galaxy: Inferno and Shaq vs. LeBron. Benji often appears alongside him on his social media pages – they enjoy spending time together watching soccer together!

Achievement and Honors

Guillermo has been recognized for his exemplary work and dedication, earning several awards and honors as a result of it. He quickly established himself as one of the premier celebrity correspondents for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, interviewing celebrities while offering them shots. In addition, he frequently attends NBA finals games to interview players including LeBron James; providing more laughter through humorous questions to make interview sessions even more entertaining for them both!

Guillermo has also been involved with charitable work; his restaurants offer free meals to American veterans on Veterans Day. Furthermore, he serves as godfather of Kimmel’s son and enjoys an off-camera friendship; both live together in California with their two Chihuahuas.

Personal Life

Guillermo prefers to keep his personal life private and is protective about who knows much about their relationships, yet posted an Instagram photo with his wife at their Jewish wedding ceremony on September 1, 2014. They looked very happy together and genuinely seemed in love.

Guillermo quickly won over viewers of his show with his broken English and Teddy Bear-esque demeanor, winning them over. He took over for “Uncle Frank Potenza” as the main red carpet interviewer and has also interviewed NBA players during finals over time.

Guillermo del Toro received an Oscar for directing The Shape of Water and was asked about his personal relationships. He revealed that he and Lorenza Newton quietly parted ways last year; though few knew about it.

Net Worth

Guillermo earns an enormous amount as the celebrity gossip host on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Additionally, he writes books and has appeared in movies. Additionally, he owns multiple properties in Los Angeles area.

Though not open about his personal life, the comedian does share an intimate relationship. Together they have an adorable son named Benji and often post photos of them both to social media.

The couple are extremely close and often express their affection towards him, treating him just like any parent would. On Instagram, the comedian shares many pictures of his two Chihuahuas as well as enjoying soccer matches and Italian and Mexican food. Born in Mexico on January 27, 1972 with Latin American heritage.

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