Hadi Boulos

Hadi Boulos, Set to Be Donald Trump’s Son-In-Law

President Trump’s youngest daughter is said to have met an ideal match in an impressive Christian Lebanese family with an extensive business empire in Nigeria, France and the US. Reportedly he grew up in Lagos – which her father once derided as “s—hole country”.

Monday evening, members of the Greater Frenchtown/Southside Citizen’s Advisory Committee clashed with Boulos over his plans for affordable housing development. Boulos is targeting his complex to people earning 80% of Tallahassee area median income – which amounts to an approximate monthly rental payment of around $1,787 for three bedroom units.

Early Life and Education

Hadi Boulos has led an extraordinary life in Tallahassee. His homes, acquisitions and international travels demonstrate exceptional taste as they show that this man prioritizes what will last rather than material things or wealth. Yet Boulos puts one thing before all of this success, wealth or travel: his devotion to his father.

Michael Boulos is part of a multibillion-dollar business empire run by his Lebanese-born mother and Nigerian father and is often seen performing at upmarket nightclubs – both qualities his mother was known for passing down to him.

Filmvein, his multimedia platform that produces various forms of content production. This platform has produced several documentaries such as Listen (2017), Ala Hilwa Wa Al Morra (2021) and Martyr (2017) under his supervision.

Professional Career

Boulos has amassed vast experience in banking, project management, finance and risk analysis. Additionally, he has established himself in real estate development and property management, building community developments to give families and individuals a real chance at home ownership.

Few in Tallahassee can rival his extraordinary lifestyle. According to his Instagram feed, he frequents bars in Lagos’ ritzy Ikoyi neighborhood and was an established regular at Spice Route (an establishment known for exotic aerial acts). Additionally, during summer months he takes private jets out to Mediterranean islands, hosting parties on his yachts there.

Boulos remains modest despite his success, attributing his pursuits and decisions to an intense devotion for his father as the source of inspiration behind his choices and endeavors.

Achievement and Honors

Boulos has established himself as an accomplished and successful executive over his impressive career, serving as Associate Director at SCOA and Partner of Fadoul Group respectively, business development manager of Royalton Investment, project Management Finance & Risk Specialist for Dubai-based construction firm as well as serving on Royalton Investment’s board as Business Development Manager, Business Development Manager for Royalton Investment as well as Project Manager Finance & Risk Specialist of Royalton Investment according to LinkedIn profiles.

Boulos led an extravagant life before meeting Tiffany in Summer 2018: frequent jaunts to Lagos’ upscale Ikoyi district and upmarket bars and clubs; his Instagram feed displayed photos of him partying aboard private yachts across Greece and other Mediterranean hotspots.

Boulos has over thirty-one companies associated with him according to public records, currently living in Tallahassee Florida but previously living in Providence Rhode Island. He is the uncle of Antoine Michel Boulos and Christine Roland Richa.

Personal Life

Michael Boulos, set to become Donald Trump’s son-in-law, hails from a wealthy family with roots both in Lebanon and Nigeria. His mother runs the Society for Performing Arts in Nigeria (SCOA), while his brother performs. Michael’s father Massad established Boulos Enterprises which handles vehicles, equipment, retail sales and construction work.

His early Instagram feed showcases him hopping onto private charter flights for hotspots like Mykonos in Greece and attending yacht parties along the Mediterranean, while also taking private jet flights to attend fashion events and shows in New York.

He embodies the traditions of Middle Eastern society with an impeccable sense of style and impeccable taste, favoring watches with subdued sparkle and wearing Penhaligon’s cologne from Britain.

Net Worth

Boulos has an exceptional eye for business and investment opportunities and will likely expand his family’s conglomerate further. Additionally, he may venture into new sectors to take advantage of growth trends.

In January 2021, a young entrepreneur who proposed to former President Clinton’s daughter Tiffany with an extravagant $1.2 million engagement ring hails from a rich West African family with multiple businesses operating throughout their respective nations. Dr. Massad Boulos, known for heading the Boulos Enterprises conglomerate with businesses across multiple industries.

Personal Life of Boulos | Travel, Dining & Philanthropy Inc. Boulos enjoys living an extravagant lifestyle, taking great pleasure in traveling, fine dining and other luxurious pastimes such as collecting rare and valuable art pieces as part of his philanthropic efforts and social responsibility initiatives. His philanthropic endeavors highlight this dedication. Additionally, his charitable activities demonstrate this desire.

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