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Rogue Bar Jacks – Flip Your Bike Upside Down With Ease

Maintaining an elevated bar while performing lifts such as deadlifts, dumbbell curls and snatches is no small task without an effective bar jack – the Rogue bar jack provides an affordable yet long-term solution.

Mini trike tripod that temporarily attaches to your bike and provides a stable offset to keep handlebars and expensive accessories off of the ground. When not in use, its magnetic locking jacks compactly store away for compact storage.

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The Handlebar Jack is an ingenious portable repair stand designed to flip your bicycle upside-down for work without fear of damage to handlebars, displays and controls – including expensive electronic eBike units like displays and controls – attached to them such as displays for electronic bikes (eBike). Featuring a proven tripod design which temporarily attaches temporarily to handlebars to create a stable offset from the ground that keeps any throttle or display from touching ground while inverted. These jacks fold down magnetically locking together when not needed – fold down when not required!

These American-made jacks come packaged in a rectangle box along with two of them, along with a thank you card and brand sticker. Although small in size, these robust little guys feature cutouts designed to reduce weight while increasing rigidity; each weighs only 0.26 lb (120g). Each is specifically designed to handle the extra weight associated with an eBike.

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Flipping over your bike to make repairs can be challenging. Ebikes typically weigh more and often have expensive gear attached (throttles, screens etc) which restrict their ability to be turned over without damaging anything in the process. Handlebar Jack has provided the ideal portable repair stand solution to solve these challenges and enable repairs anywhere from your garage or on-the-go. The stand attaches securely to your handlebar with Velcro straps and provides a 3-1/4″ offset between handlebars and ground, protecting both display and throttle from impacts. When not in use, its jacks fold down magnetically for storage – an ingenious product designed and manufactured in the US from glass reinforced nylon that feels surprisingly strong given its small form factor.

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The Handlebar Jacks are two purpose-built stands designed to temporarily attach to your bike, providing a stable offset on which to rest the handlebars during repairs. Easy and portable, they weigh only 4.3oz (120g). When not in use they magnetically lock together for secure transport; their top surfaces feature concave surfaces designed to conform with most handlebar curvatures and grips for optimal use when not needed – made in USA!

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Quick and straightforward bike repairs are among the most essential skills a cyclist needs, particularly given their weight and numerous gadgets (displays, throttles etc). When dealing with an ebike it can be especially tricky as its weight makes flipping it upside down difficult due to displays, throttles and other expensive parts attached to its frame.

The Handlebar Jack utilizes a mini purpose-built tripod design that attaches temporarily to handlebars for field repair purposes, providing a stable offset and providing stability while performing repairs in the field. When not needed, its fold down legs and magnetic locks securely lock together so it can be stored away easily in either trunk bags or backpacks when not in use.

These American-made glass reinforced nylon jacks are impressively sturdy despite being so small. Additionally, they come equipped with thicker and more durable hook and loop straps and integrated detents that keep legs either open or closed, as well as powerful N52 neodymium magnets which keep everything securely together.

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The handlebar jack is an ingenious portable repair stand designed to lift your bicycle’s front wheel 3.5 inches off of the ground and protect its components, such as displays/controls/mounts from environmental influences while you work on your bicycle.

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