Harlene Rosen

Harlene Rosen – Woody Allen’s First Wife

Harlene Rosen is best known as Woody Allen’s first wife; the two got married when she was just 17 years old and stayed together for several years afterward.

After Allen began making derogatory comments about her in public comedy clubs and television performances, she sued him for defamation and received $75 per week as an alimony payment.

Early Life and Education

Harlene Rosen was born in New York City to Julius and Judith Rosen, yet much remains unknown about her early life, education and family ties to the public.

Rosen’s relationship with Woody Allen thrust her into the public eye; however, following their divorce she opted to retreat into private life.

This actress played a pivotal role in supporting her former husband’s musical band and was an ardent backer of his work. Although she tended to keep quiet about her career pursuits, her public stance against his abusive behavior garnered much notice from fans.

Woody Allen married twice after his initial divorce: American actress Louise Lasser in 1966 (they separated after four years); then, Soon-Yi Previn in 1997.

Professional Career

Woody Allen, one of America’s foremost screenwriters and film directors. Acclaimed for his irreverent romantic comedies featuring bizarre plotlines and eccentric characters, Woody won a number of Academy Awards during his prolific career.

After her divorce from Woody Allen, Rosen has attempted to lead an intimate life and stay out of the public eye. Recently though, she has made headlines due to her response to allegations of sexual abuse made against Woody by their daughter Dylan Farrow.

Dee sued her former spouse Allen for defamation after he referred to her as Quasimodo during his stage acts and TV appearances. Now married to Soon-Yi Previn – 35 years younger – the couple have two children together and reside in New York City; Dee remains active in the entertainment industry at age 82.

Achievement and Honors

Rosen is Woody Allen’s first wife. Born in 1939 and currently residing in New York City, she is the daughter of Julius and Judith Rosen.

Rosen has kept her personal life private, staying out of the limelight and leading an isolated life. But in 2015, she surprised many when she broke her silence to wish Allen on his 80th birthday.

Rosen and Farrow wed at 16 but their marriage fell apart when he began mocking her as an ideal wife in his shows and on television. They eventually divorced in 1959 with three adopted children: Moses Farrow, Dylan O’Sullivan Farrow and Bechet Dumaine Allen and Manzie Tio Allen becoming part of their family.

Personal Life

Rosen was born and raised in New York City’s vibrant metropolis. However, her upbringing and education remain unclear to most members of society.

Rosen married Woody Allen when she was just 18. Their three-year marriage ended when Allen began mocking Rosen during his nightclub act and television show; Rosen took legal action against Allen to end it and won.

Since their divorce, Rosen has chosen to remain relatively under the radar. But she made headlines in 2015 when she commemorated a major event in Woody Allen’s life by posting a heartfelt note for him online.

Net Worth

Harlene Rosen is Woody Allen’s first wife and has kept most of her assets private, while also preferring a peaceful life with family and friends. Her father Julius taught her many valuable lessons such as kindness towards everyone.

Rosen and Allen married when she was only 19 and he was 20, which immediately garnered media and public attention. Allen used to mock Rosen by mocking her with comedy acts referring to her as Quasimodo on television shows and nightclub performances; eventually she sued him and won a settlement payment from his comedy act.

Today, Rosen is in her 80s and leads a quiet life. Recently she sent an emotional birthday wish to her former husband.

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