Hattie Jacks

Hattie Jacks – Author of Steamy Sci-Fi Romance

Hattie Jacks moved to London during the late 1940s where she made numerous television appearances and 14 Carry On films, in addition to radio appearances with Tommy Handley and ventriloquist Peter Brough in their respective series Educating Archie and Hancock’s Half Hour.

Joan became a staple on these shows and at Hattie’s parties.

Early Life and Education

Hattie Jacks is a British author of steamy sci-fi romance. Her stories revolve around alpha aliens with hot bodies and independent human women who refuse to accept their fate; all her books provide full length entertainment without cliffhangers and provide guaranteed happy endings (HEA).

His autobiography states that Jack Johnson first married Marry Austin of Galveston, Texas as his first wife; although they weren’t legally married at the time, Johnson always introduced her as Mrs. Johnson when traveling together; some white “sporting men” even resented her popularity; they feared she’d become their next “Mrs. Jack”.

He eventually met and fell in love with Etta Duryea, a society woman from Brooklyn who would become his second wife.

Personal Life

Hattie Jacks is a British author of steamy sci-fi romance who writes stories featuring hot alpha aliens and human protagonists unprepared to accept their fate… She admits her writing machine runs best with tea and cake (preferably together), particularly chocolate fudge cake! Hattie lives in a small corner of Britain with her husband and striped cat-shaped missile named Jimmy.

Full length sci-fi romance about an alien warrior helping a woman overcome her fears, with steamy scenes, delicious dialogue, and always an HEA at its core.

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