Heath Adams

Heath Adams – Actor and Musician

Heath Adams is an exceptional real estate agent with exceptional results that are certain to exceed your expectations. His exceptional work ethic and client-centered approach shine through in each transaction he manages.

TCM Security’s Cyber Mentor, Hacker, YouTuber and CEO! He loves discussing ethical hacking, penetration testing and network security – making his trainings affordable and worth watching!

Early Life and Education

Adams began his professional life working as a schoolmaster in Worcester. Additionally, he spent much of his free time socializing, reading and keeping a journal.

Adams came from a family which had three generations of political and intellectual leadership – yet, even as an author writing about their lives, Adams always felt outside.

He was an inveterate reader; often alluding to challenging books in his letters and papers. His major works contributed to the ideological development of the new American republic as well as legal scholarship and argument that is invaluable for contemporary political theory and history scholars.

Professional Career

He is the founder and CEO of TCM Security, a firm offering ethical hacking and cyber-security services. Additionally, he creates YouTube videos on cybersecurity topics as well as serving as keynote speaker at industry events.

Heath has long been involved with the industry and is widely respected within it. He serves as an excellent mentor to those interested in ethical hacking and network penetration.

He is an industry expert in cybersecurity and a top online instructor for penetration testing techniques and tactics, offering several courses through platforms such as Udemy and Twitch that currently enroll over 170,000 students.

Achievement and Honors

Adams is an esteemed author with more than four dozen published works of fiction and non-fiction to his name, including several lagomorph novels that have inspired numerous films as well as topics surrounding animal rights in his works.

Shardik (1974), one of his best-known novels, centers around an imagined religion built around an enormous bear and earned him the Carnegie Medal and became a bestseller.

Adams provided an insightful portrait of leading American political figures and society through his letters and diaries, papers such as his Dissertation on Canon Law and Feudal Law as well as Novanglus papers which helped shape a new American republic.

As one of his many accolades, he received the Texas Institute of Letters Lifetime Achievement Award recognizing outstanding literary achievement. Additionally, he founded the Association for the Study of African-American Literature.

Personal Life

Heath Adams was an internationally recognized cybersecurity mentor, internet entrepreneur and keynote speaker. Additionally, he ran his own ethical hacking company called The Cyber Mentor where he taught ethical hacking as well as provided cybersecurity solutions such as web application testing and vulnerability scanning services to his students.

He has produced multiple YouTube videos on cyber security and spoken at numerous security conferences. He has helped thousands of people learn ethical hacking and become certified in various disciplines.

Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres (1804) and A Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America (1787). His diaries and letters reveal him as an astute judge of character; his diatribes warn against disregarding American culture, its values, or forgetting how important human experience is in society.

Net Worth

Heath Adams is an acclaimed actor and musician estimated to be worth $10 Million dollars. He is best known for his roles in Nightmare (2001) and The Only Way (2004).

He currently owns more than 2,523 units of Tabula Rasa HealthCare Inc stock worth over $1,168,596, making 21 trades since 2018. In his position as Chief Financial Officer he earns over $2,632,420 per annum.

Ballotpedia was able to gather figures for freshmen members in both Congresses, 113th and 112th, thanks to their requirement of filing Personal Finance Disclosure forms during their campaigns in 2011. This data allows constituents an idea of whether any members have gained or lost wealth since taking office based on average percentage changes throughout this timeframe, adjusted for outliers.

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