Henry Bodek

Henry Bodek

Henry Bodek is a professor who studies high-energy physics. His research has provided evidence of quark structure of matter and earned him the 1990 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Madison Realty Capital originated a $714 Million Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities Loan for Chetrit Group’s Lexington Towers and Yorkshire Towers on the Lower East Side, broker Henry Bodek of Galaxy Capital Solutions acting as its broker.

Professional Career

Henry Bodek has enjoyed an extensive and successful career in real estate. Currently he serves as managing director for Scale Lending, a company offering debt financing solutions for commercial real estate projects across the US such as office buildings and retail centers. Furthermore, Henry worked as an equity broker at Galaxy Capital.

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Achievement and Honors

His doctoral dissertation provided some of the experimental evidence of quark structure that led to Jerome Friedman and Henry Kendall sharing the 1990 Nobel Prize in Physics. He has received multiple honors including the University of Rochester Goergen Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching and the American Physical Society WKH Panofsky Prize in Experimental Particle Physics. His research interests encompass W’s, Z’s, and Dileptons at hadron colliders (CDF and CMS at Fermilab and the Large Hadron Collider), neutrino oscillations at Fermilab (CCFR/NuTeV/MINERVA); deep inelastic scattering/nucleon structure analysis at Jefferson Lab’s JUPITER; etc. He serves as co-spokesperson of JUPITER experiment E04-001 and works in instrumentation such as scintillating tiles electromagentic and hadron calorimeters; including building the CDF plug upgrade hadron calorimeter and HCAL hadron calorimeter for CMS respectively using tile fiber technology.

Personal Life

Bodek was an expert at data. His very pale skin and high forehead gave him the appearance of being Russian chess master, yet his talent lay in finding order in daily market chaos using massive computer power and ingenious trading systems.

He held the George East Pake Professorship of Physics at Rochester, and worked on projects such as CDF plug upgrade hadron calorimeter upgrades and content management systems for LHC content. Furthermore, he conducted deep inelastic scattering experiments alongside Henry Kendall and Jerome Friedman at SLAC.

He currently resides in Teaneck, New Jersey with his wife Yaffa Tatiana Harper and their three children. In his free time he enjoys drumming.

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