Henry Coughlan

Henry Coughlan

Henry Coughlan was an early and staunch opponent of any United States foreign interventions, especially during World War II.

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Early Life and Education

Coughlan was born on 27 December 1902 at Armidale in New South Wales to Benjamin Singleton Coughlan (a draper) and Minnie Maria Chapman (nee Coughlan). He attended Sydney Boys’ High School before matriculating into the University of Sydney (B.A. 1923 with first-class honors in German).

In the early 1930s he experimented with radio broadcasting and began writing books covering topics including politics, religion and social problems. Additionally, he became active within his church by serving on both Sydney Diocesan Social Problem Committee (1935-36) as well as Church Times editorial board (1935-36).

From 1951-67 he spearheaded marriage guidance counselling as an open, self-governing organization financed by government that offered nonjudgmental, nondirective counseling to married couples with marital problems. Additionally he strongly supported reform of divorce laws.

Professional Career

Henry Coughlan began his career at Northwestern University’s Syllabus yearbook as an editor. Later he transitioned into Life magazine as writer-editor where he covered topics including politics, war strategy, business strategy, theatre arts and travel writing articles for Life on such diverse subjects as war strategy, business strategies and theatre arts among many other things.

In the 1950s, he worked for the Christian Social Order Movement – an organization dedicated to spreading Christianity across every aspect of society – alongside his wife. They traveled the country establishing branches of their organization, hosting public meetings and spreading religious influence via pamphlets and newspapers.

Before signing for Plymouth Argyle permanently in 2016, he spent loan periods at Swindon Town and Livingston before joining as non-playing coach – becoming known for being a reliable presence around the club.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Coughlan has held positions with both the Forest Service and Navy. Additionally, he has published numerous articles and received multiple awards for his work as well as being involved with numerous boards and committees.

Clemson University honored him and his family recently with the 2022 Herb Coughlan Memorial Family of the Year award. Along with Linda, Cortie and Carson were recognized for their leadership and volunteerism at Clemson’s football game against Louisiana Tech on Sept 17.

He was also an accomplished artist, producing several breathtaking water color paintings following retirement that now grace the walls of many family homes and square dance halls across his region.

Personal Life

Henry Coughlan was both an ordained clergyman and journalist, working both as editor for the yearbook department at Sydney diocesan social problems committee and member of Christian Social Order Movement to show that Church should address all aspects of community.

He encouraged the Church to guide postwar reconstruction. When he became director of the Christian Social Order Movement in 1943, he launched an ambitious programme designed to extend Christianity’s influence across Australian life through public meetings, local branches, and a network of contacts.

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Net Worth

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