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Henry Allen Fetcho, Known As Hank, Passed Away on July 24, 2022

Henry Allen Fetcho, better known by his nickname of Hank, died at 40 years old on July 24, 2022. A loving and simple man, Hank enjoyed racing cars and the outdoors. He is survived by his wife Shannon Fetcho Hildreth and daughter Cadence as well as several nieces and nephews.

Early Life and Education

Henry Fetcho was born around 1921 and resided in Bridgeport, Connecticut with his mother, two brothers, and three sisters. His occupation was as a mechanic. Upon reaching 40 years of age he passed away, leaving family and friends mourning his passing.

He was an impassioned, engaged individual who never stopped fighting for what he believed in. His colleagues will remember him fondly for his dedication to justice, his eagerness to pitch in, and his bright presence.

Jeff Fetcho of Hamilton County Unit District No. 10 has been honored as Illinois Association of School Administrators’ Egyptian division Superintendent of the Year 2021-22. Pinckneyville High School Superintendent Keith Hagene presented him with this honor; Fetcho had previously taught in Eldorado before serving nine years as Hamilton County superintendent.

Professional Career

Henry Fetcho worked as an Aircraft Mechanic at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford, CT and enjoyed car racing as well as spending time outdoors. He was married to Shannon Fetcho and had one daughter, Cadence. Henry also counted many friends among his extended family.

Hamilton County Unit District 10 Superintendent John McClain has been selected by an award panel including Pinckneyville High School’s Superintendent Keith Hagene to receive this honor in 2021-22 Egyptian division superintendent of the year award.

Jeff Fetcho epitomizes hard work, long-term dedication and progressive growth according to the selection committee. He is the son of former Eldorado classroom teacher turned Hamilton County unit district superintendent Allen Fetcho. Jeff currently resides at 114 Derby Ave Seymour CT with seven persons related to him.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Fetcho currently resides with his wife Shannon and daughter Cadence at 114 Derby Avenue, Seymour, CT 06483 where they share an apartment. In recognition of his outstanding work he has received multiple awards such as Baker and Best Paper prizes from IEEE Automatic Control Transactions as well as AACC Eckman awards.

He has received several honorary doctorates, been active in academic journals, and written over 200 papers.

Jeff Fetcho of Hamilton County Unit School District No. 10 was chosen by the Egyptian Division of Illinois Association of School Administrators as its 2021-22 Superintendent of the Year at a meeting held September 15. He will go on to represent this division at state-wide programs for both Superintendent of the Year and Distinction programs.

Personal Life

Henry Allen Fetcho was an Aircraft Mechanic for Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford, Connecticut and an avid car racer in Tennessee. Additionally he enjoyed outdoor activities and traveling. Henry married Shannon Fetcho and had one daughter named Cadence before being predeceased by his mother Marlene Fetcho and various nieces and nephews.

He will always be remembered fondly by family, friends, and colleagues for his passion, kindness, and sense of humor – qualities we will miss immensely. He lived at 114 Derby Avenue in Seymour CT; close associates include April Pepin, Edgar M Hoey, Gabor George Veress, Michael J Klubek and Tracy L Debarber among many others.

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