Henry Gailliot

Henry Gailliot

Henry Gailliot was an active philanthropist, giving generously to Pittsburgh Opera and other regional arts groups as well as supporting research into women’s health, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

He was an ardent family man, attending nightly dinners, Sunday mass services and children’s sporting events as well as traveling to faraway corners of the globe.

Early Life and Education

Henry was raised in Pittsburgh. He graduated as valedictorian from Central Catholic High School before earning a BS, MS and PhD in economics at Carnegie Institute of Technology – receiving both National Science Foundation and Federal Reserve fellowships – then working his entire career for Federated Investors as senior economist on their Executive Committee, also serving on their Children’s Museum Board and co-founding its Collections Committee.

He held great reverence for his city and dedicated much of his retirement life to civic involvement, with particular interest in education, the arts and Catholicism. He particularly loved opera and symphony performances while spending summers on Nantucket with family adventures around the globe.

Professional Career

Gailliot was raised in Pittsburgh and graduated as valedictorian of Central Catholic High School before earning both his undergraduate and master’s degrees in industrial management from Carnegie Mellon University as well as his PhD. For his entire professional career at Federated Investors (where he became Senior Economist and Executive Committee Member).

He spent much of his retirement contributing to Pittsburgh through civic involvement, serving as board member at both the Children’s Museum and Carnegie Museum of Art, co-founding their Collections Committee as well as serving on its Life Trustee committee.

He and Lou shared a lifelong appreciation of music, often attending and making donations to both the Pittsburgh Opera and Pittsburgh Symphony. Additionally, they enjoyed collecting art, stamps, coins and French wine which they generously shared with family and friends during countless dinners over their shared passion.

Achievement and Honors

Central Catholic High School valedictorian, Gailliot graduated with both his bachelor’s and master’s in industrial management from Carnegie Institute of Technology. Later serving on their board and executive committee – where he held senior executive responsibilities.

He was an active member of both the American Legion and VFW and an avid bowler, in addition to serving on its board as part of his membership with University Club of Pittsburgh.

As one of Pittsburgh Opera’s founding sponsors, Maecenas became known for its extraordinary atmosphere and entertainment. Additionally, he provided support to both Pittsburgh Symphony and Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh; with this generous gift enabling the establishment of Henry J. and Mary Louise Gailliot Fund for Classical Opera.

Personal Life

Henry was a loving family man, fiercely committed to his wife and three children. Even with all the demands placed upon his time, Henry made sure he prioritized them over everything else–from evening dinners and Sunday mass services, children’s sporting events, and faraway vacations.

He was an avid collector of art and stamps, who delighted in sharing French wine with friends and family over memorable meals. Additionally, his passion was music; he frequently attended and supported the Pittsburgh Opera with philanthropic contributions.

He was an integral figure at Carnegie Mellon for decades, serving as both trustee and benefactor through gifts that helped establish its Gailliot Center for Public Policy – a worldwide leader in market-based solutions to economic policy problems.

Net Worth

Charlie Gailliot is a successful financial services professional known for putting clients’ interests first in his work as one of the finest financial service professionals worldwide. Earning millions each year, Charlie is known for being very genuine with clients while always placing them first when serving them.

He is blessed to have found someone in his wife who supports and stands by him regardless of what may occur in life. She is his greatest blessing and he cannot thank her enough.

Carnegie Mellon honored Gailliot’s generosity and dedication by honoring the research institute he established with him: the Gailliot Center for Public Policy – which now leads the field in providing market-based solutions to economic policy challenges worldwide. Gailliot also served as a long-time trustee at Carnegie Mellon and donated generously.

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