Henry H010B

Henry H010B All Weather Lever Action Rifle

Henry Repeating Arms’ company offers some of the finest lever-action rifles available worldwide. Not only can these all-American made guns provide hours of target practice fun at the range, they’re also perfect for hunting purposes.

PH Swanepoel brought with him to Africa an HRAP gun chambered in 45/70 and fitted with Skinner sights mounted to an impressive 22″ blued steel octagon barrel, boasting straight grip American walnut buttstock and forearm for easy handling.

Early Life and Education

The Henry lever action rifle was created as an affordable, practical solution for wildcatter hunting. A classic American innovation, its groundbreaking impact changed not only firearms history but human history as a whole. Today, the Henry is a popular choice among big game hunters who appreciate its feel, reliability and accuracy. The All-Weather version features a hard chrome plated (satin) steel receiver and black-stained hardwood stock to further ensure optimal performance in all weather conditions. This model features a 22-inch polished blued steel octagon barrel in.45-70 Government caliber and holds four rounds. Additionally, it boasts classic semi-buckhorn rear sights as well as brass bead front sights for accurate targeting and weighs 9 pounds; options for either original (hammerless original) or iron frame original models are also available.

Professional Career

Henry lever guns are revered for their classic aesthetics and dependability in the field. Their smooth action inspires confidence with quick follow-up shots and quick follow-up shots. This model chambered for 45-70 Government features a 22″ polished blued steel octagon barrel, 4-round capacity magazine, semi-buckhorn rear sight with brass bead front sight and semi-buckhorn rear sight; semi-buckhorn rear sight; brass bead front sight, sling studs for easy sling attachment and straight grip genuine American walnut buttstock and forearm.

This model incorporates the H024’s removable magazine tube system while adding a side loading gate for even simpler loading and unloading, creating one of the most user-friendly lever action rifles available and making it an excellent choice for big game hunters who value tradition, quality, and reliability.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Repeating Arms is pleased to present the TF Glacier Edition H010B lever action rifle chambered for 45-70 Government, in honor of those who fight for our freedom to hunt, fish and shoot. Featuring a beautiful blued steel 22-inch octagon barrel with large loop lever and semi-buckhorn rear sight; brass bead front sight; factory drilled and tapped receiver with sling studs for easy sling use and straight grip American walnut stock; plus an engraved receiver which can be personalized at no extra charge!

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