Henry Handguard

Henry Handguard – The Most Modular Handguard Available For Lever Action Rifles

Designed as the most modular handguard available for lever guns, the Henry handguard provides natural ergonomics. Its flat bottom provides stability when shooting from a rest, while finger grooves offer control when offhand shooting.

A set screw and medium-strength thread adhesive help prevent lateral shifting of the handguard and fit Big Boy steel and brass receivers.

Early Life and Education

Henry Parkes was born in Canley, Warwickshire England on 1815. His parents worked hard to provide for their family, including providing Henry with access to education at a nearby grammar school.

He moved to Australia with his wife Clarinda in 1839 to chase his dreams of a better life, quickly becoming an influential leader and fixture in Australian politics.

RPP Costa’s HENRY M-LOK handguard, constructed out of 6061 solid billet-aluminum and CNC’d by Midwest Industries, boasts six sides of M-LOK slots as well as five slot picatinny rail segment, with forward mounting sling swivels to accommodate modern lights or lasers and is covered by their lifetime warranty – making this lever gun handguard made in USA!

Professional Career

Midwest Industries designed the Henry M-LOK handguard to enable lever-action owners to upgrade their rifles with modern lights and lasers. It features one five-slot M-LOK rail section as well as a forward mounting sling swivel, made of 6061 aluminum hardcoat anodized construction.

To install, unscrew and clean Rhino rail mount threads with denatured alcohol before applying a small dab of medium-strength thread adhesive to prevent future loosening. Once this step has been completed, tighten handguard and mounting screws according to recommended torque values.

Gen 2 models feature two set screws above the tenon that help prevent lateral shifting of the handguard, especially as its weak interference fit with the barrel can allow lateral blows to cause it to shift downward when shooting from rest. These set screws are especially helpful as lateral strikes to the handguard may cause it to shift slightly downward causing shots from rest to misfire.

Achievement and Honors

Since their invention over 150 years ago, lever action rifles have remained an iconic combination of wood and steel that dates back to a simpler era. Unfortunately, however, this limited their use. Now thanks to Midwest Industries’ MLOK handguard users can customize their rifle with modern lights, lasers, or any number of accessories.

This lightweight handguard is constructed of 6061-T6 billet aluminum and hard coat anodized black for optimal performance. Designed to fit Henry lever action rifles chambered for pistol calibers like.38 Special,.357 Magnum and.44 Magnum cartridges; features 5 slot M-LOK rail sections as well as an innovative forward mounting sling swivel.

Installing an M-LOK handguard requires few tools for installation. First, the factory mount holes must be cleaned out with denatured alcohol before applying a small dab of medium-strength thread adhesive to both Rhino rail mounting screws and receiver threads, before tightening on the handguard until it fits securely.

Personal Life

Henry was an exceptional western pioneer who earned his own success through hard work. A true self-made man, Henry was known as one of the great leaders and innovators in firearms manufacturing as well as being an accomplished wildcatter and hardworking businessman.

Midwest Industries offers an excellent upgrade for any lever action rifle – the Gen 2 Henry M-LOK handguard from Midwest Industries is an outstanding addition. Featuring forward mounting sling swivels and five slot M-LOK rail sections made of 6061 billet aluminum that have been hardcoat anodized, it will help ensure maximum accuracy for years of shooting fun!

Installation on most Henry lever-action rifles is straightforward. First, three factory mount holes must be cleared of Rhino rail mounting screws and receiver threads using denatured alcohol, followed by the application of medium-strength thread adhesive onto screw threads.

Net Worth

Chris Costa was instrumental in designing the RPP Costa Henry M-LOK Handguard + Modular Rail System to allow shooters to upgrade their lever gun with modern accessories like lights and lasers. Crafted from 6061 solid billet aluminum for long-term durability and hard coat anodization for years of service, its smooth handling preserves lever gun’s agility while offering users maximum customization potential in setup options.

The RPP Henry handguard features a barrel/magazine tube tenon that replaces the factory one and can be secured using four set screws, as well as a three pivot point adjustable butt stock that can be raised or lowered depending on your sighting system and pistol grip height requirements.

To install a handguard, it’s necessary to first unbolt and disconnect the outer magazine tube support, which utilizes a dovetail fit with your barrel. This may prove challenging and will likely require professional help from a competent gunsmith.

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