Henry Harrius

Magician Henry Harrius

Magician Henry Harrius loves creating original, creative and convincing magic effects. Additionally, he spends much time thinking up ways to enhance existing tricks.

His latest creation is an innovative cube effect called Mini Cube to Chocolate Project that adds an exciting new dimension for anyone interested in cube magic.

Early Life and Education

Henry was born in Jersey, a British Crown dependency of the Channel Islands. His ancestry includes Irish, Scottish and English bloodlines. Marianne Dalgliesh was his housewife mother. Henry attended St Paul’s school in west London before enrolling at Oriel College Oxford to study classics. Following national service he went into teaching, first at Bromsgrove school in Worcestershire then for four happy years at Magdalen College school in Oxford as a classics teacher.

David Copperfield was one of his major influences. Upon retirement he produced Latin versions of children’s stories as well as translating two novels by JK Rowling into Latin. Since becoming professional magician he has performed throughout Asia and Europe.

Professional Career

Success as a magician requires years of practice, showmanship and promotion – it also helps if one has attractive features and charisma – according to Harrius.

Early on, he performed at corporate events, product launches, and private parties. Now specializing in close-up magic – coin and card manipulation using coins, playing cards, cups and balls –

He won both the 9th Hong Kong Close-up Magic Contest and Asia Magic Association Close-up Magic Contest; additionally he placed first for Hong Kong at the 2015 FISM World Championship of Magic competition – considered equivalent of Olympic gold for magicians.

He has won multiple competitions and created some inventive tricks, including one where volunteers muddle a cube before it replicates its pattern on another one.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Harrius has been recognized by various publications, such as Lexpert’s Guide to the Leading US/Canada Corporate Lawyers and The Legal 500 Canada, as a premier Canadian lawyer. Additionally, Henry serves on both Ontario Bar Association and Canadian Bar Association Securities Law Subcommittees.

As an author, he has published several notable works including Cell Biographies: Exploring Cell Biology’s History (1996) as well as Things Come to Life (2002) which investigates whether life could form spontaneously from nonliving materials.

He has distinguished himself in his field and made a significant impactful contribution to Columbia University and its diverse community. Beyond his academic and professional achievements, he is actively engaged with community involvement through various volunteer initiatives.

Personal Life

Henry Harrius realized his childhood dream of becoming a magician, winning local competitions across Asia before going on to compete internationally. He won both the FISM Parlour Magic award and was Hong Kong’s representative at the World Magic Championships, taking home both awards.

Rubik’s Cube is one of the most frequently used objects for magic today and he has created products and guides specifically tailored for this trick; his company also sells licenses to other magicians who wish to perform it.

He is a man of many talents and has appeared in a range of movies as diverse roles such as English Bob in Unforgiven, a Sinn Fein leader in Patriot Games and an opulent landowner in Cry, the Beloved Country.

Net Worth

Henry Lewis boasts an estimated net worth of around $5 Million and serves as CEO of Clear TV Media, an exclusive ownership firm providing broadcasting services for airports, hospitals, and other non-home locations. Additionally, Henry established and ran Credit America Corporation which assisted subprime individuals reintegrate the credit market through balance transfer programs.

Magic enthusiast Ben Denton is known for performing tricks with everyday items like Apple AirPods and dollar bills; however, his signature sleight of hand trick is with Rubik’s cube. You can watch him perform on YouTube.

He spends his free time traveling and watching Major League Baseball, as well as cheering for Tottenham Hotspur FC – his favorite soccer club! He lives with his wife and daughters in Burbank, California.

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