Henry Holterman

Henry Holterman

Holtermann established his farm machinery business, Holtermann’s Warehouse in Woodstock after returning from World War II as a bachelor. Additionally, he became active in Woodstock’s business community, serving on its board of directors and becoming involved with community events such as festivals.

His interest in Greece has increased considerably as evidence suggests he controls an estimated real estate portfolio worth more than 300 million euros and plans to increase his holdings of Alpha Bank and other banks within Greece.

Early Life and Education

Henry Holterman hails from Salt Lake City, Utah and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in athletic training from West Virginia University. Additionally, Henry completed an internship at Healthworks Rehab & Fitness clinic.

Holtermann arrived in Australia as a sailor and worked various trades before teaming up with Ludwig Hugo Louis Beyers to prospect around Hill End, New South Wales, for gold. Years of unrewarding work followed.

He is survived by his wife Gerita Wessels, his daughters Catherine and Margaret Holter Hawks as well as son Daniel Holterman and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Served in the US Army during World War I before becoming active with United Way as well as having an intense passion for golf.

Professional Career

Henry Holterman was an accomplished businessman and philanthropist. He owned a construction company as well as various interests in real estate and finance sectors. Additionally, he served on multiple company boards and as part of the Governing Body of Dutch Central Bank.

Dutch media reported that he met with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to discuss its investment potential. Additionally, he has an established stake in Greek real estate markets and multiple projects currently underway in Greece.

Holterman currently chairs Reggeborgh Group, an investment firm founded by his wife Gerita Wessels and which boasts several renowned investments across the Netherlands, such as its Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier investment. Annual revenues at Reggeborgh Group exceed $6 billion.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Holterman received the Friend of AWA award for going above and beyond to support AWA student chapter activity throughout 2018. He provided outstanding assistance, helping lead it forward while acting as an excellent role model to its members.

He represented Stanford at both the IRA and Pac-12 Championship regattas, earning first team All-America recognition for seven seat sailing in both events and second team recognition for five seat sailing with Traeger and Wright.

He currently serves as Managing Director of Varo Energy B.V. and sits on the management board of Reggeborgh Groep, an investment company owned by his family. Furthermore, he shares this role on VolkerWessels’ Raad van Commissarissen alongside Wilco Jiskoot; this firm invests in numerous energy projects.

Personal Life

Holterman is also well known for his love of Greece and owns a villa there; in addition to that philanthropic endeavors are part of his agenda.

As soon as he returned from war, Holterman opened Holterman’s Warehouse – a farm machinery and equipment business located on the east end of Woodstock in what most recently belonged to Poma. Private aviation had just taken off at this time; to aid flyers navigate safely he painted an “N” with an arrow pointing north on his Warehouse roof.

He serves on the management board of Dutch investment fund Reggeborgh Invest and maintains extensive business relations in Greece, where his projects include helping to upgrade Corfu Hospital’s maternity clinic with ultramodern equipment donations.

Net Worth

Henry Holterman reportedly stands at an estimated net worth of $300 Million and serves as chairman of Reggeborgh Construction Ltd and Volker Wessels Engineering; both businesses he owns in Holland.

Reggeborgh Invest has made several investments in Greece, according to sources close to it. The fund has amassed holdings in construction and banking shares as well as real estate properties across Greece.

At Volker Wessels’ founding in 1952, Volker married Gerita. Together they raised two sons and a daughter. By now he had nine grandchildren as well as having served in the US Air Force for nine years before retiring at 73 in Oregon where he is buried at Riverview Cemetery.

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