Henry Hunsicker

Henry Hunsicker

Hunsicker family was very involved in their community, church and industry. Many descendants contributed significantly in shaping Skippack and young America as it developed. Unfortunately, their contributions are too numerous to mention here in one brief article.

Henry Henry Hunsicker was born March 24th 1861 in Skippack township of Montgomery county and served as a coal, feed, and lumber merchant at Rahn Station, now Iron Bridge. Additionally he served on Perkiomen township committee as well as being part of Republican party membership.

Early Life and Education

Henry Hunsicker has had an array of experiences. From commercial real estate appraiser to writer of thrillers like Still River: Lee Henry Oswald Mystery Series set in Dallas and following an investigator entangled with real-estate deals and drug trafficking.

Hunsicker probably intended this intricate wood carving by Hunsicker to appeal to children, depicting Mary and Jesus based on a print in some Bibles of its time.

Henry was descended from Swiss immigrant Valentine Hunsicker who settled in Skippack Township of Pennsylvania and enjoyed significant prominence both socially and religiously, being highly esteemed among his community and church membership. An excellent resource of information on Henry can be found in “Genealogical History of the Hunsicker Family”.

Professional Career

Hunsicker served as executive vice president of Mystery Writers of America and published short stories in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, anthologies and commercial real estate appraisal services.

He currently resides in Dallas, Texas and writes fiction as a hobby as well as hosting creative writing seminars and giving talks on creative writing. His first novel Still River tells the tale of private investigator Lee Henry Oswald.

Hunsicker works as a commercial real estate appraiser in Dallas, Texas. An avid sports fan who attends LSU games frequently, Hunsicker also loves spending time with his pets Jack, Kitty Bo, and Lexi.

Achievement and Honors

Hunsicker made headlines in 2011 for being named to both the short list for both the Shamus Award and Thriller Writers of America’s esteemed Thriller Award, his work appearing in both publications as well as in Best American Mystery Stories of 2011. Additionally, he served as Executive Vice President of Private Eye Writers of America before writing three crime thriller novels set in Texas – two of them were included on those short lists!

He was an active Republican party member, serving as committeeman of Perkiomen Township for 14 years. Additionally, he belonged to Warren Masonic Lodge of Trappe; Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Lodge No. 714 located in Norristown; as well as Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

As an avid LSU sports fan, he relished attending games. Additionally, he loved spending time with his family and their pets, Jack Kitty Bo Beanie Lexi Vernie.

Personal Life

Hunsicker family farms were in operation for almost 170 years. Generations of family members engaged in agriculture and other businesses while contributing to their community at large.

Henry Hunsicker was an active member of Collegeville Reformed Church and Perkiomen Township Committeeman for fourteen years, active in Republican party activities, coal merchant, flour and feed merchant and coal, flour and feed merchant. Additionally, he belonged to Warren Masonic Lodge, Trappe; Economy Lodge of Norristown; Benevolent Protective Order of Elks Lodge 714 of Norristown; Lulu Temple AAONM S (American Academy of North Midnight Masonry Society); Lulu Temple AAONM S in Norristown as well as Independent Order of Odd Fellows membership.

Henry Hunsicker passed away peacefully at home at 1191 Louisiana Avenue in Shreveport on Friday night without having indicated to anyone his time was drawing near. He was 68.

Net Worth

Hunsicker is the author of six previous novels and his crime thrillers have been nominated for both Shamus and Thriller awards. Currently living in Dallas.

Valentine was hardworking and was able to save money through stone masoning work and clearing land. Ultimately he acquired 125 acres of woodland in Skippack Township for five shillings an acre – his homestead still exists on Heckler and Mount Airy roads there today!

Esther Detweiler was his bride on 6 December 1772 and they had ten children: John, Elizabeth, Anna, Catherine Henry Jacob Garret (died within one month), Sarah and Abraham 2d who are all buried at Lower Skippack Mennonite Cemetery. This family enjoyed high social standing within their community with many businessmen belonging to it who shared similar German bloodline.

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