Henry Leung

Henry Leung

Henry Leung is a family doctor who emphasizes preventive healthcare, boasting an outstanding patient satisfaction rating and membership in the American Academy of Family Physicians. Additionally, Henry can speak both English and Cantonese fluently.

He is the author of two works, Goddess of Democracy (Omnidawn 2017) and Paradise Hunger (Swan Scythe 2012). These novels explore hybrid genre writing with blurring forms; his research in Algorithm and Pattern recognition intersect with themes like Sensor Fusion and Radar imaging.

Early Life and Education

Henry Leung was an illegal second child under China’s One-Child Policy and eventually his parents immigrated to the US, where Henry spent his early years. Later he attended schools in Honolulu and California.

He now practices law and represents clients in disputes involving state law. Additionally, he is an accomplished author who writes extensively on immigration and constitutional law issues.

Henri’s research encompasses themes like Kalman filter, Benchmark and Time-frequency analysis; his work overlaps with Algorithm, Pattern recognition and Sensor fusion algorithms. Other areas of study include Radar and Least squares used to solve chemical issues; furthermore his Tracker work raises issues surrounding Chaotic Control Theory as well as their practical applications.

Professional Career

Henry Leung specializes in Pattern recognition, Computer vision and Sensor fusion research. Additionally, his focus extends into Artificial intelligence and Algorithm studies with particular attention paid to issues surrounding Outlier detection, Bayesian probability estimation and Noise measurement.

He joined the HKBLCC in 1985 and was elected Secretary-General two years later in 1988. Additionally, he served on its Election Committee that same year before running for Chief Executive position against Henry Tang and winning by an overwhelming margin in 2012.

As a lawyer, he represents clients in litigation and arbitration cases – from asset recovery matters to public international law disputes – representing them with distinction in both English and Cantonese. Based out of Laguna Hills with his wife and three daughters.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Leung is an esteemed scientist who has made contributions in fields like Pattern recognition, Computer vision and Algorithm development. Additionally, he has conducted extensive studies in Sensor fusion, Radar imaging and Kalman filters.

He has served as associate editor of numerous journals such as IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine and IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, and as topic editor on Robotic sensors for the International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems.

Henry Leung has received many honors and awards for his academic achievements. In 2022, he won the Robert Harron Prize, given to Columbia students who demonstrate compassion, generosity and dignity while volunteering their services in celebration and enhancement of life at Columbia. Additionally, Henry received the Honors Award for Excellence in Academics which is awarded to only 25 percent of graduating students.

Personal Life

Henry Leung is a litigator with extensive expertise in law, literature and art. He has received fellowships from Kundiman, the UC Berkeley School of Law and Paul & Daisy Soros Foundation; in addition to receiving both John Young Scholarship in Arts and Fulbright Student Program awards.

His research in Artificial intelligence encompasses issues like Computer vision and Sensor fusion. His interests also span subjects like Kalman filtering, Least squares, Pattern recognition as well as resolution sparse approximation hyperspectral imaging which are linked to interpolation.

At present, he is in a relationship with Rita and both are looking forward to spending their lives together. Both share an enthusiasm for snowboarding, travel and films while both are also deeply committed to their families and friends.

Net Worth

Formerly, Leung served as director at Xinhua International Finance Consultants Limited and executive director for its holding company iSTAR International Securities Co. Limited which holds a Type 1 (dealing in securities) regulated activity license from the SFO. Additionally, he held director positions with Jinding Finance Holdings Limited which provided advisory and networking support services in China.

Leung’s poetry collection Goddess of Democracy won both an Omnidawn Book Prize and was shortlisted for PEN America Literary Award in Los Angeles in 2017. Leung also received fellowships from Kundiman, Paul & Daisy Soros Foundations, Fulbright Program and the Luce Foundation, where he refined the skill of narrative crafting with precision to benefit litigation practice; moreover he has made two insider transactions regarding TD Synnex Corp over the past 18 months.

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