Henry Luken

Henry Luken – American Businessman and Investor

Henry Luken is an American businessman and investor best known for founding several companies across the U.S. He also dabbles in real estate investment.

Luken is one of the major shareholders in Retro TV, a cable television provider which recently ran into financial difficulty. Additionally, he co-owns Christensen Shipyards of Vancouver as well as being involved with Christensen Shipyards on Vancouver.

Early Life and Education

Henry Luken was born circa 1922 in Ohio, United States to Bernard Luken Sr and Louise Luken and had 8 siblings including Clarence Luken and Walter Luken.

Robert W. White served on the City of Cincinnati City Council from 1981-1984 and as Mayor from 1985-1989, sponsoring an amendment to its charter allowing for the winner of any council race to automatically serve as Mayor.

Christensen Shipyards in Chattanooga is currently co-owned by Pat Withee and Joe Foggia; all three claim they stole millions from him through fraudulent actions of its directors, according to a lawsuit they have filed alleging this fraud and seeking receivership for two partially completed yachts belonging to Christensen Shipyards as assets in this lawsuit.

Professional Career

Henry Luken had an impressive 30-year career in finance and accounting. From working in accounting, to tax compliance, audit, financial risk analysis projects spanning Europe and South East Asia before being headhunted by one of Canada’s largest trust funds as Director of Investor Services – his expertise was in demand!

Luken filed a lawsuit in March against Christensen Yachts and several family members, alleging they used their leadership positions and control over the company to steal millions from him.

The Christensen family responded to Luken’s lawsuit by alleging he had “dirty hands”, given his ownership and control of 50 percent of the shipyard, board membership and Christensen Financing. They further asserted that Luken used his position to coerce Christensen Financing into transactions that ultimately bankrupted it and in turn led them into bankruptcy proceedings themselves.

Achievement and Honors

He has appeared as Jimmy Tolan on FX drama Justified and Eric on CW science fiction romance Star-Crossed. Additionally, he writes and produces television shows under Blackstone Productions out of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Luken was accused of skimming profits and striking side deals with personal friends after purchasing 50% of a company. By placing it into receivership, he could acquire remaining assets at discounted prices, according to court documents.

Henry Luken (born Pagel) married Adeline H Luken (also known as Pagel) prior to 1936 and the couple had two daughters – Luella Rosalia Feldman and Edna Marie Harpring (also born Luken). On September 15th at age 66 he passed away at his death place Minnesota.

Personal Life

Luken began investing in television stations during the late 2000s through Equity Media Holdings Corp, which owned multiple stations nationwide but had fallen into financial difficulty and required someone to buy its ownership interests. Luken ultimately succeeded and managed to sell Equity Media Holdings Corp for $22.5 million dollars, thus fulfilling Luken’s objective.

He reportedly attempted to acquire the company for $428 million, but its board of directors turned him down. A series of lawsuits from creditors of the company ensued with one final judgment awarding them $79.4 million.

Luken constructed a shipyard on Tellico Lake near Vonore in Greenback, Tennessee. He attempted to convince the Christensen family to move their company there but were unsuccessful; Luken later sold this business.

Net Worth

Henry Luken is an American billionaire known for investing in telecom, yacht-building and other businesses. His estimated net assets exceed $1.2 billion; these include several luxury homes and several private jets as well as his numerous philanthropic endeavors in Chattanooga area.

Telco Communications was created by this entrepreneur and introduced long distance wholesale phone services to the US with their Dial & Save service. He also owns Equity Broadcasting of Rock Arkansas as well as ACNTV Home-Shopping Television company.

Luken also founded Covista Communication, which relocated its headquarters from Orlando to Chattanooga and now provides over 200 jobs for Chattanoogans. Additionally, Sinot Yacht Design specializes in designing superyachts and megayachts.

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