Henry Naruszewicz

Henry Naruszewicz – A Bronze Star Recipient

Bronze Star recipient, he served in general Patton’s Third Army and participated in the Battle of the Bulge. Once back home he and his brothers got jobs, married Stella and had Dorothy – living a quiet, normal life together.

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Early Life and Education

Henry was born in Salem, New Hampshire and attended Johnson High School in North Andover. During World War II he served with George Patton’s 3rd Army and participated in the Battle of the Bulge – earning himself a Bronze Star award.

His most influential work was the seven-volume Historia Polskiego od Przyjcia Chrzescijanstwa (“The History of Polish Nation From its Conversion to Christianity”). Here he used numerous sources from abroad as well as his description of political life in Poland – something most other authors do not do so well.

As an avid NASCAR fan and family man, he enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren. Additionally, he took great pleasure in gardening and cooking – his funeral Mass will take place Friday morning at Holy Trinity Polish Church in Lowell. He will be dearly missed.

Professional Career

Henry Naruszewicz was born in Salem, NH in 1916 and attended Johnson High School in North Andover before going on to work at 1400 Motors until retiring in 1980 as a mechanic. Additionally, he was an active member of Holy Trinity Polish Church for more than four decades in Lowell.

Henry Naruszewicz served in George Patton’s 3rd Army during World War II and was present on Omaha Beach for D-Day, earning himself the Bronze Star award and leaving behind his wife Stella with one daughter Dorothy; unfortunately he passed away at age 106 in 2022.

Recent history was brought home when Dottie Flanagan of Lowell organized an unexpected birthday surprise trip for him at Normandy. Nearly 63 years after first landing on its shores during Operation Overlord, his daughter Dottie Flanagan sent a group to Normandy in April 1945 as part of the American invasion force that turned the tide of war across Europe.

Achievement and Honors

Henry earned the Bronze Star during World War II while serving under General Patton’s Third Army, participating in the Battle of the Bulge. Additionally, he participated in an Honor Flight and is an Honorary Life Member of Dracut American Legion Post 315.

Stella and Donald together had one daughter, Dorothy. Unfortunately, Dorothy passed away in 1979 before Donald took up work as a mechanic at 1400 Motors of Lowell until retiring in 1980.

At 90 years old, John enjoyed driving his car and playing golf into his 90’s. A member of Holy Trinity Polish Church in Lowell, he twice received the key to the city on separate occasions as well as receiving a birthday citation from Governor Charlie Baker. John most appreciated being with family.

Personal Life

He resided in Lowell for much of his later life and was the oldest parishioner at Holy Trinity Polish Church. A recipient of a Bronze Star medal and Honor Flight to visit Washington D.C.’s World War II Memorial, he also enjoyed golf and gardening into his 90s.

His writings fill ten volumes and would benefit greatly from translation into English. His biography of Kosciuszko remains a classic work, while he penned an account of Poland’s struggle for independence in 1812 which remains in print today.

At 102 years old, his mind remained sharp, recalling events from 1944 as though they happened just recently. He enjoyed corned beef and eggs for lunch every day! Following World War II he worked at 1400 Motors before retiring 31 years later.

Net Worth

Henry Naruszewicz lived to be 105, thanks to hard work, determination, and luck. Among these feats was surviving the Spanish flu pandemic, World War II combat deployment and even a blind date; ultimately marrying Stella Kasprzyk with whom he had one daughter, two grandchildren and a great-grandchild together.

He lives in Lowell and was honored on his birthday with both a key to the city and a citation from the governor’s office. A parade was even organized to mark his special day! His family recognizes him as an icon of hope after what they perceive to be a difficult 2020, and they feel blessed that he’s part of their lives.

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