Henry Query

Henry Query

Henry Query is an attorney with extensive knowledge in intellectual property matters, working closely with management to educate them about any laws which might influence their business decisions and enable them to make informed choices that strengthen the competitive position of their companies.

He is a partner at RBSM and provides tax consulting, compliance and IRS representation to corporations, partnerships and high net worth individuals.

Early Life and Education

Henry was born in Albany, New York as an impoverished student at a private school. Although poor, he showed great promise as an engineer – reading widely on topics related to literature and science before embarking on an engineering degree program himself and writing scientific articles as a hobby.

After graduating from Harvard, Henry took part in the Grand Tour of Europe as part of its tradition for young men to see more of the world and discover it for themselves. This marked the beginning of his writing career.

He became Washington correspondent for the Boston Daily Advertiser at an extremely difficult period in America due to the beginning of the American Civil War and became involved with gold standard debate, supporting silver over gold-bugs; furthermore he opposed slavery.

Professional Career

Henry’s patented technologies, including toy trains and early science kits, dolls, miniature kitchen and laundry sets, sewing machines and more – appealed to America’s emerging middle class and brought her significant financial returns. She reinvested the proceeds in her process by hiring model makers and draftsmen to assist in creating and refining new products.

Henry was known for her lively public speaking engagements, often charming audiences with her engaging charisma. However, when it came to getting down to business with her work she could become somewhat subdued; often looking down at her pad before pulling out her pencil and starting sketching quickly.

Henry’s practice specializes in patent litigation, such as claim construction and Markman hearings in patent cases, preparing and arguing complex patent appeals before the Federal Circuit and litigating post-grant proceedings at the PTAB. Additionally, Henry provides tax planning, compliance and IRS representation services to closely held companies and high net individuals.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Hughes IP is immensely honored to have been selected from an esteemed pool of international firms as the Malaysia IP Agency of the Year 2019 by Managing Intellectual Property (MIP). This award serves as a testament to their clients’ trust and faith in us when protecting their IP assets.

Ip has written multiple books on rural musical practices in Bolivian Andes, such as Music and the Poetics of Production in Bolivian Andes (Ashgate 2006). Her research interests also extend into music video anthropology and music “piracy.”

Ip was part of a winning ticket in the 2008 Legislative Council election in Hong Kong Island geographical constituency: dermatologist Louis Shih and Albert Wong and Ronald Chan had already been elected District Councillors at that point.

Net Worth

Henry Ip is a partner at RBSM LLP and offers tax planning, compliance, and IRS representation services to closely held companies and high net worth individuals. He specializes in the taxation of corporations and partnerships as well as conducting tax provision review/audit fieldwork associated with ASC740 compliance for public/private companies. In addition, his practice covers all aspects of intellectual property law such as patents (hard and soft), copyright/design rights/trade marks/confidential information protection/confidentiality issues etc. He has represented clients before UK courts including Court of Appeal; European Patent Office Opposition Division Technical Board of Appeal etc.

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