Henry Schek

Henry Schek – CEO of SunDensity

Henry Scheck is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SunDensity, an enterprise which is revolutionizing solar energy collection to convert it to electricity. Scheck has extensive experience leading technological enterprises as a hands-on teacher in lab environments as well as leading boardroom meetings. Scheck has spearheaded development efforts such as low light harvesting Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells and OPV technology development.

Early Life and Education

Henry Schek was born in Queens, New York, and received his Bachelor of Arts from Horace Mann School. At the University of Michigan he earned both a Masters in Biomedical Engineering and PhD in Engineering Physics, in addition to earning a Juris Doctorate from California, Berkeley.

Henry is passionate about political organizing, storytelling and the empowerment of progressive organizers. He has worked extensively in Kamala Harris For The People campaign as well as working at The Equity Alliance nonprofit racial justice organization focusing on equity issues for racial justice activists. Additionally, Henry worked at Sherrod Brown and Jim Cooper offices.

Henry is the CEO of SunDensity, an advanced solar energy company dedicated to revolutionizing sunlight capture for conversion to electricity. A hands-on lab teacher and boardroom leader with vast experience leading cutting-edge technological enterprises.

Professional Career

Henry Scheck brings over 20 years of experience to a variety of cutting edge technological ventures. He has both direct lab experience and boardroom leadership experience at companies like IDEX Health and Science, Chroma Technology and an employee-owned life science optics firm.

He first gained wider notoriety in 1995 after joining Johnnie Cochran’s firm and being assigned to O.J. Simpson’s case. Among other accomplishments, he is credited with uncovering mishandling of DNA evidence by police criminologists – which played an instrumental role in Simpson’s eventual acquittal.

He played an instrumental role in exonerating Kenneth Waters from 18 years in prison after false charges of murder and robbery against him were dropped against him in 1999. Today he serves as co-director of the Innocence Project.

Personal Life

Barry Scheck was raised in a family that strived hard to break out of poverty. They moved to New York City where Barry attended school and developed an interest in issues of social justice. After Yale, where he studied economic history and city planning before graduating in 1971, Boalt Hall at University of California provided him the legal degree he sought.

Scheck and Peter Neufeld represented Abner Louima in his legal action against the police department for mistreating him while in custody; this case garnered considerable media coverage and resulted in several officers being found guilty.

He served as lead counsel in the case of Louise Woodward, a British au pair charged with causing the death of a baby she was caring for – an event which garnered intense media coverage and caused division within public opinion.

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