Henry Sling

Henry Sling – A Handmade Sling For Your Lever Action Rifle

This sling is handcrafted to order. To place your order, use the drop down menu below to specify both caliber and model of lever action rifle in your order.

Rick Lowe of RLO Custom Leather created this innovative harness sling for Henry lever action rifles without an original sling stud in their stocks, using the carbine ring on the left side of receiver for attachment.

Early Life and Education

Henry is a drifter who kills people for a living, a classic serial killer (male, white, 30’s soft-spoken and shy). He lives with a pathetic sister that often joins in on his killing sprees.

He’s an excellent shot and has an outgoing personality, but the true success behind his success lies in his remarkable talent for reading people. He can detect when someone is lying and sense their energy and how they’ll react in specific circumstances.

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Professional Career

DeSantis Gunhide has handcrafted this fine sling exclusively for Henry lever action rifles. Crafted of 1″ brown leather with brass keepers and our Henry hook-type swivels. Installation requires unhooking stock sling hanger, feeding end through butt swivel, then replacing stock hanger.

Henry Repeating Arms, located in Winchester, Virginia is a firearm manufacturer known for their wide selection of lever-action rifles and shotguns as well as accessories and parts sold with these firearms.

Employee satisfaction at Henry is generally low. Many employees express concerns regarding the culture and management, turnover rate, career advancement opportunities available and overall pay; according to Indeed reviews employees do not receive fair pay for their efforts.

Achievement and Honors

Sling training requires intensive practice that cannot be accomplished with other weapons like bows. Children need to start early learning the sling, thus becoming adept slingers only among specific groups and fighting as corps in ancient societies.

The Henry is an effective long gun used by both scouts and raiding parties as well as those assigned flank guard duty. With its high rate of fire and capability of penetrating heavy armor, it makes this weapon especially helpful in battle.

The Henry Sling is handcrafted from premium American cowhide and features heavy nylon cord stitching for maximum stability and comfort, thick open cell urethane foam padding, and suede lining to provide maximum stability and comfort. Plus it’s equipped with a swivel stud to accommodate any popular sling mount!

Personal Life

Henry Sling is a drifter who kills people for money. A classic serial killer (white male in his 30s, living in a boardinghouse), Sling’s sister stayed with him and caused complications; ultimately he killed her and began killing prostitutes offhand, like swatting away flies.

DeSantis Gunhide offers this exquisite sling made of quality leather in saddle tan or black for Henry lever action rifles exclusively by DeSantis Gunhide in the US, featuring no-drill mounting with swivel studs – ideal to complement their Henry rifle! Measuring 58″ long and 1-1/4″ wide it also includes two brass sling hooks with sliding tension keepers to complete its flawless performance.

Net Worth

Henry is active on social media and regularly shares updates regarding his professional career, travels and family on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts – which collectively boast millions of followers.

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