Henry Weiler

Henry Weiler, Attorney at Fischer Weiler Industrial

Weiler had an impactful career of teaching and scholarship at Harvard Law School (HLS), inspiring countless HLS students to pursue careers as sports law scholars, agents, litigators mediators or commissioners. Additionally, his efforts helped solidify Harvard’s place as a premier center of sports law scholarship.

Weiler carefully evaluates the dramatic shift in diplomatic practices after Frederick was deposed from power in 1245 and an elective German monarchy emerged.

Early Life and Education

Kahnweiler was one of the most influential art connoisseurs of the 20th century, alongside Alfred Flechtheim, Daniel Wildenstein and Leonce Rosenberg. His methods for working with artists and managing art business remain in practice today.

He enjoys history, astronomy and music and was an active member of Penn State’s swim and ski teams. Additionally, he loves sailing his Thistle sailboat on Chautauqua Lake while playing tennis on his clay court in his backyard.

As well as serving on the Lakewood United Methodist Church Board and singing in its choir, Paul also holds a Master of Business Administration from Rockhurst University. The Paul C. Weiler Scholarship honors this prominent HLS sports law scholar who passed away in 2021.

Professional Career

Fischer Weiler Industrial (FWI), an industrial real estate firm. Henry is dedicated to Kansas City market and handles leases/sales of warehouses/office buildings/outdoor storage assets in this regard. With his strong background and market knowledge he provides excellent advice.

He is well-versed in all areas and provides superior client services, going the extra mile to make sure his customers receive the best deals available.

He has worked on various projects with different clients and is proficient in all areas of commercial real estate. With an unique mindset and creativity as key characteristics, he’s adept at finding innovative ways to handle even challenging projects.

Achievement and Honors

Henry is an esteemed legal advocate and speaker, beginning her work in Philadelphia where she formed a women lawyer’s network that now comprises thousands of members across the nation – which has been featured in major media outlets like The New York Times and NBC Nightly News.

She has spoken at events for students, lawyers and business professionals from around the globe – helping them manage both their professional lives and personal ones more efficiently. Her advice has enabled many to create more comfortable workplace environments for everyone involved.

She has received several accolades, such as the Working Mother National Leadership Award and Pennsylvania Women’s Bar Association Excellence in Family Law Award.

Personal Life

Jack Weiler was raised in an Orthodox household. His father, Faivel Weiler, worked six days per week to support their family; according to oral histories in this collection he borrowed money from relatives and saved up for Jack’s college tuition expenses.

Though Weiler contends that Henry’s initial efforts at reclaiming Rhenish princely holdings were unsuccessful, Weiler also illustrates his masterful handling of former Hohenstaufen supporters and building cordial relations with Capetians despite having initially presented himself as a nonpartisan ruler.

Weiler left behind an immense intellectual legacy. His scholarship was instrumental in shaping debates regarding labor law and pioneering sports law as an academic subject.

Net Worth

Henry Weiler boasts a net worth of $2 million, earned primarily through real estate sales of industrial properties. Additionally, Weiler participates in numerous philanthropic endeavors.

After an impressive career at JLL, Weiler joined forces with fellow local broker Andrew Fischer to establish Fischer Weiler Industrial (FWI). Their focus is investment sales of industrial property with either paved or gravel acres where clients can rent outdoor storage spaces to generate income.

He specializes in analyzing each client’s individual requirements to provide customized advice, then negotiates the most advantageous deal possible. A native of Kansas City, he earned his Masters in Business Administration at Rockhurst University.

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