Henry Welsh

Henry Welsh

Henry Welsh is an undergraduate player for Harvard Crimson who stands 6’10”.

At Glyndwr’s castle, leaders from two of the rebel armies gather to plan strategy. Mortimer’s father-in-law believes in Welsh pagan beliefs such as prophecies and omens as well as magical ability that allows him to summon demons.

Early Life and Education

Henry succeeded his father’s English and French thrones, yet their newly established dynasty quickly degenerated into chaos. Henry managed to stabilize it through administrative, diplomatic and economic initiatives such as supporting England’s wool industry while holding off on peace negotiations between himself and the Low Countries that would reap long-term economic benefits for both countries.

He gained great political capital by exploiting his Welsh ancestry, frequently displaying the red dragon of Wales’ legendary King Cadwaladr on his standard and encouraging the establishment of Welsh language schools.

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Professional Career

Henry Welsh is an NCAA center who plays for Harvard Crimson. Standing six foot ten (2m07/ 6-10), during his senior year at Loyola he averaged 15 points and 11 rebounds per game – in addition to blocking shots effectively and providing strong defense.

Owain Tudur, his grandfather, descended from former Welsh royal families; while Edmund Tudor belonged to the House of Lancaster and Jasper Tudor was the heir to its claim on England.

At age 22, he enlisted in Co. H of the 26th Wisconsin Infantry. At the Battle of Chancellorsville 2 May 1863 he was wounded, being honorably discharged 14 Oct 1863 after honorable treatment by Dr. Snellings and Emma Seidel and having 10 children by them both.

Achievement and Honors

Henry restored power and stability to the English monarchy after years of civil warfare, credited with supporting England’s wool industry and stabilizing national finances through his policies.

He created new bonds between England and Wales through several charters that freed Welshmen from outmoded customs and tax restrictions; however, due to his preoccupation with dynastic security he did not institute an explicitly Welsh policy during his rule.

At his meeting with Catherine, Henry celebrated a religious Mass held in a temporary chapel between Guines and Ardres on neutral ground. A hybrid dragon created from Francois’ salamander and Henry’s Welsh Tudor dragon flew overhead from Guines to Ardres as a sign of friendship between their respective monarchs. A massive English workforce built hundreds of tents as well as tiltyard for jousting and arm combat and an extensive temporary palace for them both.

Personal Life

Henry Welsh was a 6-foot-10 power forward who played for Harvard Crimson in NCAA. Additionally, he served in the United States Army’s 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment and 101st Airborne Division; although initially promoted as sergeant due to frequent misconduct with commanders degrading him to private status.

He was the nephew of the last Lancastrian king and member of the House of Tudor. To gain support during his invasion of England – which eventually saw him defeat Richard III at Bosworth Field and establish the Tudor dynasty – Henry Tudor relied upon his Welsh roots and the red dragon of Cadwaladr in Wales to gain support from Welsh-speakers as he used Welsh connections and support of Cadwaladr’s red dragon Cadwaladr to rally local support during battle with Richard III at Bosworth Field to eventually overcome Richard III and establish Tudor’s rule.

He owned Nandillyan Ponds near Orange in NSW. Additionally, he was active in many country show societies and picnic race clubs.

Net Worth

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