Henry Zietlow

Henry Zietlow – A Special Young Man

Henry Zietlow, 18, died Monday when a pickup truck crossed the centerline on a Wisconsin road and struck both him and his mother, both talented violinists and rowers who didn’t judge others, his parents said.

Reimann and Henry will inspire young men racing at this weekend’s 117th NWIRA regatta to row with determination for victory at their respective regattas.

Early Life and Education

Henry Zietlow was an outstanding young man. An exceptional violin and rowing player, an outdoor enthusiast who appreciated art, Henry was also an exceptional student – recently finishing a semester at Bowdoin where his family connections ran deep – including two Bowdoin grads as parents and an aunt having graduated.

On a January morning in 2019, shortly after his 18th birthday, Henry was driving with his mother along a rural Wisconsin road when an out-of-control flatbed truck towing a flatbed trailer lost control and crossed over into their path, colliding directly into their Subaru vehicle and collapsing onto them head on.

Reimann acquired his trophy base from Pete Peterson. Crafted out of black walnut slab, it is truly an artistic creation.

Professional Career

Henry was an incredible individual – an exceptional student in the classroom and talented violinist. He loved his family, friends and teammates deeply; was humble, wise, thoughtful and kind. Henry saw beauty everywhere he looked – every day was brighter with him around!

Henry was killed Monday morning in northern Wisconsin in a car crash with his mother, in a Subaru Forester driven by 23-year-old Andrew Ninke of Deer Park, Wis., when it collided with an oncoming pickup truck driven by Andrew Ninke of Deer Park. It remains under investigation; poor road conditions were suggested as contributing factors.

NWIRA has established a memorial trophy in Henry’s honor which will be presented at this year’s regatta.

Achievement and Honors

Henry touched many lives during his brief lifetime on earth. Aside from being a talented violinist and rower/outdoor adventurer, Henry also was deeply committed to his college community and deeply loving toward those he knew. According to his parents, Henry made life funnier, more interesting, and loving all at the same time.

Reimann selected black walnut for its deep colors and exceptional grain, using it for his benchtop in his studio. As per NWIRA specifications, Reimann’s statue comes equipped with a rigid custom storage case designed to protect its more delicate features while offering space on its front for donor attributions.

Personal Life

Henry Zietlow was an unforgettable young man who left an immeasurable mark on all those he encountered. His unique approach not only included intelligence, violin playing and outdoor pursuits – but also seeing the best in others and making every day brighter for those around him. He helped improve their lives every single day!

Sarah Risser, Henry’s mother, was driving him on a two-lane rural Wisconsin road when he was hit head on by a pickup truck that lost control and crossed over into his path causing fatal head trauma and fatality at the scene.

Henry was an active participant in the Minneapolis rowing community. A regular at NWIRA and participating in the Head of the Charles race, Henry found great comfort and enjoyment from rowing – it brought him closer to friends and family alike. Henry wanted them to remember him not by holding grudges against others but by appreciating those precious moments which make life worth living. His parents wish they remembered him this way.

Net worth

Zietlow leads a company with over 650 locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa; his net worth exceeds $800 million. As an active philanthropist donating millions to Democratic politicians according to campaign finance records.

Some have described Zietlow as being driven, driven by an inner drumbeat that propels him toward achievement and good deeds. His Lutheran upbringing shaped his values of family and community, instilling them with values such as hard work. Zietlow and his team continue to innovate within their industry, recently opening a network of natural gas fueling sites offering CNG, E85 and B10 biodiesel for commercial trucks. Employees praise his ability to compute numbers mentally while developing growth strategies with his company.

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