Herman Oliva

Herman Oliva

Herman Oliva was an esteemed member of Robertson County. He cherished his family and served his community admirably. He was an enthusiastic supporter of local schools, drug courts and county offices in his region.

Oliva earned the American League batting championship during his inaugural full season in MLB and went on to lead league hits and finish second in MVP voting.

Achievement and Honors

Oliva earned American League Rookie of the Year honors during 1964 with the Twins after batting an outstanding.323 average and leading his league with 32 homers and 94 RBI. Additionally, he placed second in MVP voting that season and received a Gold Glove award for right field play. With his knock-kneed stance and golf-like swing that set him apart from other power hitters at his time, Oliva produced remarkable offense while maintaining an affordable average. Winning another batting crown and leading all players with 183 hits during 1966 alone while serving on Board of Directors of Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors as well.

Personal Life

Oliva was an unparalleled hit-machine for the Twins during his initial eight full seasons, leading the American League in both batting average and hits three times each. His unique knock-knee stance and golf-like swing made him standout on the field.

Vail has long tried to convince Oliva to acknowledge he murdered JonBenet. Oliva, currently serving time for child pornography in Colorado prisons, has sent letters that appear to confirm this claim.

Back has determined that Oliva, 54, must serve at least 13 years for gun and great bodily injury enhancements added to his premeditated attempted murder conviction. According to Back, Oliva’s case is so egregious he could find no mitigating factors to take into consideration in its sentencing.

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