How Tall Is Lauren Akins

How Tall Is Lauren Akins?

How Tall Is Lauren Akins?

American former nurse, Lauren Akins has gained widespread fame as a wife of country singer Thomas Rhett. Her pleasant demeanor and willingness to share family experiences has made her a social media sensation. She has accumulated millions of followers on Instagram and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity.

Her philanthropic activities have brought her to many places across the world where emergency aid is required due to disasters and poor economic situations. She travels around the globe to meet these people and shares her experience on social media.

She has also worked for the nonprofit organization 147 Million Orphans, which provides food, water, shelter, and education to needy children in the name of Jesus Christ. In 2016, she and her husband raised more than $250k for this cause.

The former nurse married Thomas Rhett in 2012 and together they have two daughters. They adopted Willa Gray Akins from Uganda in 2017. The pair is currently expecting their fourth child, which will be a girl named Lennon Love Akins in February 2020.

Her net worth is estimated at $5 million. She earns most of her money through her work globally.

Akins’s philanthropic efforts have earned her a good reputation as a social worker and she has traveled to numerous countries where emergency aid is needed. She also runs her own business to help raise funds for relief aids.

She is a beautiful person and she has a lovely figure. Her height stands at 5 feet 10 inches and her body weight is 54 kilograms. She is also a fitness enthusiast and she maintains her physique by exercising daily.

Thomas proposed to her in 2011 and they got engaged that same year. The couple spent their honeymoon on Oahu, Hawaii.

The pair met during their first grade and became friends. Initially, they dated for a short period but later broke up. After a while, they started to date again and they got engaged in December 2011.

Her marriage with Thomas is quite romantic. He proposed to her in December 2011, writing “Marry Me” on a bottle of wine and she wrote “Yes” on the same bottle.

She married Thomas in October 2012 and the pair have been living as a couple for five years. They have two daughters – Willa Gray and Ada James.

Akins and Thomas have shared the news of their pregnancy on Instagram. They shared the news of their daughter Willa Gray being adopted in 2017 and announcing that they are expecting their second daughter in July 2019. Their daughters have been a source of happiness for their fans.

Lauren Akins is a philanthropic activist and a former nurse who has worked for several charity-based organizations offering her nursing skills to the needy people of the world. She has volunteered in Haiti, Honduras, and Kenya. She has also helped in the adoption of a Nigro child from Uganda.

She has also collaborated with Emily Dee to launch a jewelry line called ‘Lauren Akins X Ladybird’. The proceeds from this jewelry line are donated to charities. She has also appeared in several of her husband’s music videos.

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