Infant Olivia Kelly Obituary Indiana

Obituaries For Infant Olivia Kelly

When it comes to obituaries for infant Olivia Kelly, there is no shortage of information. She was a beautiful baby girl who was taken from her parents in Kokomo, Indiana, on August 20th, 2017. Her cause of death was attributed to intestinal failure, but it wasn’t enough to save her.

A couple years after Olivia’s death, the Douglas County sheriff’s office began looking into the matter. After a year of investigations, Olivia was formally exhumed and analyzed. The results showed no evidence of intestinal failure. However, the cause of death was attributed to multiple diseases, causing her death.

It’s been reported that doctors at Children’s Hospital Colorado missed warning signs. But when Olivia’s family filed a $25 million civil claim in September, the hospital resolved their claim. During the sentencing process, Lonnie Gautreau pleaded for changes to mandatory reporting laws. In addition, he wept at Turner’s sentencing.

Although a grand jury indictment alleges that Turner was a thief, it doesn’t go as far as describing how he stole from the funeral home. Instead, it’s alleged that he defrauded the Medicaid system by faking medical issues.

When he was convicted, Turner received a combined 13 years in prison. His public defender said he was able to convince the court that Olivia was a victim of legitimate medical issues. There were also medical records that show the cancer diagnosis wasn’t accurate.

As for what it’s like to lose a child, the Kokomo father says that it will haunt him for the rest of his life. He also said that he anchored the television to the wall instead of using a cord.

Another daughter, Reece, wanted to follow in her sister’s footsteps by going to the Air Force Academy. However, he was just a sophomore at Westfield High School. Still, he thought he’d be able to get into the academy.

Ultimately, the indictment paints a picture of several doctors who didn’t believe that Olivia was terminally ill. And a few who believed she was. One doctor even signed a “do not resuscitate” order for Olivia.

It’s also been reported that the hospital didn’t inform outside authorities of Olivia’s death until a year after her death. That’s because she was a high-profile patient at the hospital, but caregivers ignored her warning signs. Eventually, they referred her to hospice, but it was just another way for Turner to end her life.

While the indictment doesn’t go into details, there are several reports stating that the hospital did a poor job of investigating the situation. It’s also been reported that there were warning signs of an abusive caregiver. Even the hospital’s internal child protection team raised concerns about Turner’s behavior. Luckily, they were able to talk through the doctors’ decisions with his defense.

Although she was born in Detroit, Karen Lee Kelly met her husband at General Motors. She loved traveling and gardening. She had many hobbies, including pickleball and golf. She was a proud wife, and she also loved family.

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