Infinitode 2 Best Towers

Infinitode 2 Best Towers

The freeze tower is one of the most useful towers in Infinitode 2. This tower slows down waves of enemies and clears entire rows of enemies. With the right placement and a boosted Tesla gun, this tower is irreplaceable in any map. It requires expensive upgrades to increase its range and poison duration. Also, its damage is relatively low and the damage radius is small, so if you’re looking for the best towers, you’ll need to spend a lot of coins on upgrading it.

You can upgrade this tower with different upgrades to make your tower more powerful and faster. It can be upgraded to become a powerful weapon that can hit air targets and even strike down enemies. It increases its attack speed, and the time it takes to stun an enemy. By upgrading the turret, you’ll have more time to hit your opponents.

As you progress through the campaign, you’ll find more unique pieces to upgrade. Infinitode is a tower defense game that’s great for anyone who likes fast-paced gameplay and intricate skill trees. There are hundreds upon hours of content, and many towers to choose.

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