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Isabelle Gad – A Celebrity Kid

Isabella Gad, best known as Josh Gad’s (Film Actor) daughter from his marriage with Ida Darvish (Actress), made headlines as an infant due to being Josh Gad’s daughter from their respective film careers and having an older sister Ava as parents.

She has appeared in ER and Back to You television shows as well as appearing as Elder Arnold Cunningham in the Broadway musical The Book of Mormon.

Early Life and Education

Gad was born to Sephardic Jewish parents in Casablanca and spoke French, Hebrew and Moroccan Arabic as part of his early education. His parents encouraged his desire to become a comedian.

He is best-known for his performance as The Book of Mormon actor on Broadway, as well as for voicing Olaf from Frozen franchise films. Additionally, he has appeared in other films and TV shows.

Gad is married to actress Ida Darvish and father to Ava and Isabella. He has shared publicly his struggles with anxiety and depression. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he livedstreamed himself reading children’s books to his followers online, which proved immensely popular – so much so that even President Donald Trump called to thank him!

Professional Career

Isabelle Gad is a social worker who assists individuals through difficult situations. She believes that individuals are the experts of their own experiences and uses a person-centric approach, emphasizing listening and understanding others as part of her approach.

Gad has made her mark both professionally and artistically as an actor, appearing in several movies like The Rocker and 21. Additionally, she starred on two NBC sitcoms 1600 Penn and Good Vibes before going on to act in The Comedians on FX.

Gad has also appeared in the HBO science fiction comedy series Avenue 5, as well as voice acting for Louis in the Ice Age movie franchise. Additionally, she has performed on Broadway productions of The Prom, Hercules, and Water for Elephants.

Achievement and Honors

She received a Dean’s Distinguished Graduate award for her accomplishments in Liberal Arts. Additionally, she participated in her college’s Student Leadership Conference as well as winning outbound sales competitions from AMA Student Chapter and winning social impact scholarships from the AMA Foundation.

Gad is best-known for his Broadway debut in “The Book of Mormon”, as well as voice work for Disney’s Frozen franchise. Additionally, he made appearances in Better Off Ted and Touch as well as being featured as a recurring character on ABC’s Desperate Housewives series.

He currently resides in Vancouver, Canada on the unceded territories of Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh nations. As a practitioner of dance improvisation, Contact Improvisation, somatics and acrobatic stilts; his movements explore poetics of senses while processing daily life issues.

Personal Life

Isabelle Gad is known for both acting and therapy. As a person-centered therapist, Isabelle believes clients are experts on their own experiences. Isabelle strives to understand what makes each person special when acting as a therapist.

Josh Gad (Stage Actor) and Ida Darvish are proud parents, while she has one older sister: Ava Gad. She first gained media attention on February 17, 2014 after her father announced her birth through social media with an adorable photo showing his hand holding onto the foot of his new daughter.

Her family resides in Los Angeles, California. Gad currently appears in the HBO comedy series Avenue 5; in 2022 she will star as an apple TV+ animated musical comedy series Central Park. Additionally, Gad has guest starred on several other television programs like ER, The Daily Show, Modern Family and Bored to Death.

Net Worth

Gad is estimated to have a moderate net worth, although her salary details remain undisclosed. She currently has one daughter who is 11 years old; this youngster is extremely beautiful with brown eyes and slim body type features. Additionally, she is currently pursuing studies; unfortunately her academic achievements and grades remain unknown to the public.

She is the eldest child of Josh Gad (Stage Actor) and Ida Darvish and has one younger sibling: Ava Gad.

Gad is currently unattached, with no plans of entering a romantic relationship any time soon. She is fortunate to have an understanding and encouraging family who have helped facilitate the advancement of her career – she finds great satisfaction in doing her work with great passion and dedication.

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