Ithai Benjamin

Ithai Benjamin

Ithai Benjamin is an award-winning composer, performer and engineer specializing in dolls, puppets, robots and colorful instruments. He has performed with his band of robotic puppets at festivals and galleries such as Exit Art, Tank Gallery and Cameo Gallery and has taught puppetry and performance at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Itai, also spelled Aytai or Itaj or Etai is a common Hebrew name in Israel and means strength or illumination.

Early Life and Education

Kala Threatt attended Benjamin Banneker Academic High School where he reluctantly took courses in Latin and typing. This experience provided ample preparation for college life as well as professional work life.

His acting career kicked off in 2021 when he was cast in the lead role of Phana on 2Moons 3: The Series, under Motive Village. Additionally, he is host of Travel with Us.

Professional Career

New York-based Ithai Benjamin is an award-winning composer, performer and engineer who creates dolls, puppets, robots and colorful instruments crafted out of plasticine. His work has been showcased in Make Magazine and Handmade Electronic Music books; performed at Exit Art, The Tank and 2010 New York Fringe Festival using robotic puppets; also taught Puppets and Performing Objects class at NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program and has a two year old daughter as his muse.

Achievement and Honors

Benjamin is one of the industry’s best-known BL actors, best known for his performance as Phana University Moon in 2Moons Season 2. Additionally, Benjamin was part of five-member boy group Motive Village.

Theater is Easy has described Ithai Benjamin’s performance as being like the Muppet Show meets Flight of the Concords; not only a show but an experience filled with interplay and banter between human actors and digital automatons who play alongside him. He has performed at Exit Art, The Tank, New York International Fringe Festival 2010 & Cameo Gallery among many other locations, currently teaching a puppetry class at NYU ITP.

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