Jack Aikins

Jack Aikins – Simplifying and Coordinating Estate Planning Issues

Jack Aikins is a Partner at Cerity Partners and leads their North Bay office. His expertise assists clients with simplifying and organizing estate planning issues in order to optimize overall family financial resources.

He trained under coach Jeff Hike at Swim Atlanta and won four GHSA State Championships. Additionally, he qualified for 2015 Speedo Winter Nationals.

Early Life and Education

Jack Aikins was born March 29th 1933 in Lynn, Massachusetts. After attending Lynn Vocational High School he served in the National Guard. In 1957 he married Patricia Darsney. They raised three children together: Dawn Kim, Laura Hatfield and Melissa Potter as well as eight grandchildren: Katie Martin, Samuel Potter Eric Potter Hadriane Hatfield Myah Hatfield Ethan Hatfield

He was an active member of Fort Mountain Trailwinder’s Snowmobile Club and taught woodworking to local 4-H members. Following retirement, he took great pleasure bowling competitively in candlepin leagues while driving his 1997 Harley-Davidson Road King around on weekends and free days.

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Professional Career

Jack specializes in working with families to simplify and coordinate their estate planning issues, optimizing overall family financial resources. With over 10 years of experience assisting his clients meet their financial goals, Jack works collaboratively with CPAs, estate planning attorneys and other professionals on complex estate planning matters to achieve results efficiently and promptly.

Dr. Aikins is an active participant in numerous gynecologic oncology professional societies and committees across both domestic and international boundaries, serving in positions such as president. Additionally, he has published many scientific articles in peer reviewed journals.

Aikins has earned four Georgia 6A/7A State Championship finalist appearances and two Olympic Trials cuts in both 50 free and 200 backstroke events. Aikins trains at SwimAtlanta in Atlanta and has six times placed among the top 15 finishers at Georgia LCM Seniors Meets.

Achievement and Honors

After his outstanding performance at the state meet, Jack Aikins was named Boys Swimmer of the Year by Forsyth County News. Aikins trains at SwimAtlanta and has earned two Olympic Trial cuts (50 free and 200 back). In addition, Aikins earned six top-15 finishes at Georgia LCM Seniors as well as qualifying for U.S. Opens 100 back final in 2022.

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Personal Life

Jack Aikins, an accomplished Georgia swimmer who earned an Olympic Trial qualifying time and six-time Georgia LCM Senior medals medals during six LCM Senior meets. Additionally, Aikins currently swims for nationally-renowned SwimAtlanta club.

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Net Worth

Aikins has amassed nearly 18,000 skydives since his initial tandem jump at age 12; four years later he soloed. Now owning and operating the family business Skydive Kapowsin in Washington state, Aikins provides lessons as well as competes in “chute stacking”, where skydivers stack atop each other before flying their open chutes across the sky before landing safely on land.

He has appeared in multiple episodes of The Twilight Zone (“The Little People” and “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”) as well as early syndicated series such as Rod Cameron’s City Detective, Meet McGraw with Frank Lovejoy, and Police Story. Additionally he played roles such as Navy Lt. Commander Farber in The Caine Mutiny film; prisoner Joe Burdette from Rio Bravo; and outlaw Ben Lane in Comanche Station.

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