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Triquet successors allege that Aini and Friedman leveraged Jedouane *776 and Garau’s language difficulties, their lack of legal advice, and their absence at meetings to gain signatures on documents with terms that differed significantly from what they expected them to be.

Early Life and Education

Jack Aini has lived at different addresses such as 1996 Avenue T and 1009 Lancaster Ave in Brooklyn, New York. Currently residing at 2218 East 3rd Street Brooklyn NY 11223-3204 he studied at University of California Los Angeles but does not have known spouse, children or siblings. Associated with AFG ABSTRACT LLC and Aini & Blatt Pllc; National Bar Association Member; Lawyer at Aini Law Firm

Professional Career

CocoFinder has identified Jack Aini with three businesses in New York: 1818 86TH STREET HOLDING LLC located at 922 Avenue R, Brooklyn New York 11223-3204; AFG ABSTRACT, LLC located at 2218 E 3rdSt Brooklyn New York 11223-3204 and AINI & BLATT PLLC located at 2218 E 3rd St Brooklyn NY 11223. CocoFinder makes searching easy; simply enter both names into the search engine for results.

Personal Life

Jack is believed to be married and have multiple children. Additionally, he owns several businesses.

Defendants argue that Plaintiff cannot demonstrate that J. Aini was an active force behind the purchase and sale of counterfeit AMBI Green and Red products, rather the record indicates he acted in his capacity as buyer for ICE and had authority to sign binding contracts on its behalf.

Defendants argue that by creating TBPI, Aini inherited rights in the TOPICLEAR mark that were previously held by Jedouane, Garau, and Mamane under their 1992 Agreement. Jack Aini would own 50%, with 25% going to JGM&M and 16 % going to other shareholders; furthermore TBPI would be empowered to enter perpetual distribution agreements for its mark both locally in France as well as globally.

Net Worth

Triquet successors also allege that Jack Aini committed fraud in the 1992 Agreement by taking advantage of Jedouane, Garau and Mamane’s poor English language abilities and lack of legal counsel in order to obtain signatures on documents they could not understand – although during this case proceedings the Court determined this allegation as groundless.

Since the 1980’s, Jack Aini has pursued his interests in retail and wholesale operations through an ever-evolving array of companies with names that often change without rhyme or reason – such as Roldan Corporation (“Roldan”) and I.C.E. Marketing Co (“ICE”). Over time ICE was eventually replaced by Zuri International Inc which is still owned by Jack Aini today.

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