Jack Avital

Jack Avital

Jack Avital has an affinity for writing, having published articles covering an array of subjects. Additionally, he teaches Torah and ethics classes in New York.

He constructed his Brooklyn home like a Syrian villa and enjoys sipping bitter Arabic coffee at sunset. Additionally, he maintains contacts with officials at the Syrian Embassy in Washington.

Early Life and Education

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, head of Shuva Israel institutions, recently arrived in New York to conduct Torah classes aimed at spreading its teachings and ethics amongst its attendees – many prominent rabbis were present during his class, which was streamed live via social media platforms such as Facebook.

Avital attributes his musical mastery to an unconventional education: he learned mandolin from violinists. For his latest project, Bach, Avital has adapted music written for other instruments to play on mandolin.

Kassin asked Rabbi Jack Avital and two Jewish businessmen from New York – Sam Domb and Ronnie Domb – to travel with her to Damascus after President Hafez al-Assad died, in 2000, for an audience with his regime.

Personal Life

Avital has been married to screenwriter Charles Randolph since 2004. Together they share two children – a daughter and son. Her estimated net worth stands at approximately $1.5 Million.

Even as her success grows, she remains true to her Syrian-Jewish roots and enjoys great renown within the community; many wealthy Jewish businessmen rely heavily on her advice and blessings for success.

She has long been an advocate for Israel, calling upon Syrian Jews in her community to support its governing party and calling out President Obama’s refusal to talk with Syria as comparable to former Prime Minister Golda Meir who rejected an Egyptian peace offer made by Anwar Sadat and caused Yom Kippur War. Many prominent members of her community, such as Rabbi Jack Kassin and businessman Jack Avital have met with Syria’s ambassador in New York City and met with her ambassador during this visit.

Net Worth

Mili Avital has amassed an estimated worth between $1 and $5 Million through her acting career and remains known to lead an understated lifestyle, not flaunting her fortune or boasting about it publicly.

She made her acting debut in 1994’s box-office hit Stargate alongside Kurt Russell and James Spader.

Charles Randolph has been her loving spouse since 2004. They share two children – a son and daughter. Living happily together in New York City, this couple serves as an inspiration to aspiring actors and promote various charitable causes with their work and activities.

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