Jack Crabbel

Jack Crabbel

Jack cravel fish are territorial species known to be hostile towards humans. These fish feature a black dot at the base of their pectoral fin and large scales known as scutes that make for an intimidating sight.

They can be found anywhere from open water to reefs and wrecks, often feeding on an array of small fish and invertebrates that they consume as powerful predators. According to studies, their diet changes with age, location and season.

Early Life and Education

The Jack Cravall eats a varied diet consisting of smaller fish, crustaceans and invertebrates such as shrimp. Mollusks and cephalopods such as cuttlefish can also be preyed upon; its close relations are the longfin trevally and Pacific crevalle jack.

Studies have revealed that young jack cravel typically consume clupeid species as part of their diet, expanding it as they get older to include sparids and carangids as well as seasonal varieties. Furthermore, their diet also changes depending on factors like their age, location or season.

The jack cravel is iteroparous and can reproduce multiple times during its lifetime. Spawning takes place year-round with specific peak periods. Before spawning takes place, large schools of jacks gather into aggregations. Male jacks then court females by chasing and nudging them until eggs are released which are fertilized by sperm from nearby male jacks.

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