Jack Fialkoff

Jack Fialkoff

Jack Fialkoff was an influential figure in the fashion accessories industry. He established Haskell Jewels LLC to design and distribute trend jewelry to department stores; their license holders include Givenchy and Karl Lagerfeld. Furthermore, Fialkoff enjoyed mountain biking and skiing and was an enthusiastic supporter of Crested Butte Colorado’s Adaptive Sports Center.

Early Life and Education

Jack is the youngest member of The Pack and stands out as being unique due to having his face constantly change shape. Additionally, he’s the only character introduced during series 6 to make an appearance in Thomas Engine Collection Series range of merchandise.

He works well with Alfie, helping out at Great Waterton alongside Kelly and Stephen. He’s brave, as evidenced by standing up to Max and Monty when they bullied Alfie and him; also saving Thomas and Stephen from falling track at Tidmouth Sheds.

He is kind and considerate, although sometimes can be impulsive. He’s an excellent leader who stands up for what’s right. Additionally, he works tirelessly; evidenced by holding up the collapsing bridge for hours at a time.

Personal Life

Gabrielle Fialkoff is President of GKF Group, a public affairs firm that works closely with governments, nonprofits, philanthropies and business communities to develop smart strategies that engage their target audiences for corporate social impact, public affairs, experiential events and non-profit growth and development. Their experience and vast network across these sectors gives them unique insights and expertise into crafting creative solutions with lasting positive effects for greater good.

She was an inspiring, compassionate and resilient individual who wowed all around her with her strength and courage. As wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother she will be greatly missed by those she knew and admired her.

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