Jack Freedman

Jack Freedman

Jack Freedman uses a wheelchair and relies on a ventilator for breathing. Additionally, he requires 24-hour care from nurses.

Jack found assistance from PHLP in navigating the bureaucracy associated with getting home nursing services from Pennsylvania HealthChoices and Ventilator Assisted Home program funded. He credits Katie Mitros and Stacy Kimble of BAYADA Nursing Service as being instrumental in keeping him healthy enough to participate in school activities.

Early Life and Education

He began his legal career at Barnes & Thornburg of Indianapolis, handling business and personal injury litigation in state and federal courts for seven years – during this time working alongside some of Indiana’s premier lawyers.

Jack is fortunate to have an amazingly supportive sister named Cara who excels at both tennis and music despite the medical challenges facing Jack. Cara has always shown great concern and respect for him and his interests, providing her with excellent support throughout his journey.

Jack spends four nights of each summer at an event camp in Pennsylvania for kids using wheelchairs and ventilators, where staff is like extended family. In addition, the Muscular Dystrophy Association has been an enormous source of support to him and his family; even giving Jack a computer from Make-A-Wish when he was younger!

Professional Career

Jack Freedman was an esteemed criminal defense attorney with an expansive practice, who represented clients involved in police shootings or other high-profile incidents.

His expertise also included helping families navigate the complex process of obtaining home care nursing services for loved ones with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), an incurable disease which restricts movement, speech and breathing. He used Eyegaze technology on his computer to communicate and navigate his environment while working part time at Westtown School as a computer teacher.

He provided water treatment consulting assignments to chemical vendor water treatment programs as well as facilities water management studies and planning. Furthermore, he is certified road safety professional with nearly four decades of transportation/traffic engineering experience.

Achievement and Honors

Freedman is a passionate journalist, understanding the transformative power of news to empower and inform. His fearless storytelling has earned him 54 Emmy awards during a four decade-long career.

Personal life: Cara is an immensely talented tennis player and musician; her sister suffers from a medical condition which hinders participation in many school activities.

Jacob Freedman is widely credited with “putting Vegas on the map”, popularizing Sands hotel as a celebrity and entertainment hangout, as well as making himself famous through gambling – often seen sporting five and ten gallon hats with western shirts and bolo ties while engaging in back alley craps games; eventually losing considerable amounts on tables before investing them into oil wells.

Personal Life

Jack is an award-winning author with work published around the globe. He has penned three chapbooks including…and the Willow Smiled (Cyberwit, 2019), Art Therapy 101 and Seance (iiPublishing, 2020) among many other works.

Once diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), which robs people of their physical strength, Jack wasn’t expected to survive past two years old – yet he has done just that!

At Westtown School in Pennsylvania, he navigates his power wheelchair using eye-gaze technology, completes schoolwork on a computer responsive to his gaze, and attends events as any other kid of his age would. Though he has his own family, he has gained many other extended ones along his journey – for instance at hospital where they took care of him or an event camp where he spent four nights with other children using ventilators or wheelchairs who have become part of his extended family.

Net Worth

He accumulated a net worth estimated to be approximately one million dollars through his career as a Businessman.

Jack Freedman is a Canadian lawyer working at Heath Law LLP. He holds an undergraduate degree from Vancouver Island University and will soon complete his Juris Doctorate at Thompson Rivers University. Joining as an articling student, Jack joined Heath Law in 2022 before being called to the bar in May 2023.

He is a shareholder of Friedman Industries Inc (FRD). According to recent Form 4 filings, his shares are worth $8 million and no insider transactions were conducted over the last 18 months. Additionally, he maintains a small presence on TikTok by posting comedic skits and lip-sync videos.

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