Jack Gosnell

Jack Gosnell

Jack has worked on notable projects like Turtle Creek Village, Old Town Village and RED Development’s 23Springs. His expertise lies in specialty retail leasing and commercial sales.

Prosecutors claimed that Gosnell routinely performed abortions beyond the state-mandated 24-week limit and some of these babies were alive when clinic workers cut their spinal cords.

Early Life and Education

Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic horrors have once more brought to light the line between late-term abortion and infanticide; and governments’ oversight of abortion providers.

Pennsylvania Department of Health ignored repeated complaints against Gosnell’s clinic and conducted only five annual inspections over 15 years. Janice Staloski, who later served as director of abortion provider regulation division in PA DOH, made her decision that his clinic wasn’t a priority when making that determination.

Family business Jack Gosnell Real Estate Development Company is a real estate development firm that has built multiple million square feet of office space and hundreds of homes throughout Washington state. His son Clarence William “Bud” Gosnell co-founded it along with his father and brother.

Professional Career

Jack Gosnell was a fifth generation Washingtonian, following in the footsteps of his father and brother by building office complexes and homes throughout Bethesda and Tyson’s Corner. He was widely respected within Washington real estate.

At trial, former clinic employees testified that Kermit Gosnell performed abortions beyond Pennsylvania’s 24-week limit and frequently killed viable babies by cutting their spinal cords. When verdicts were read aloud, one juror let out an audible sigh before giving their verdict; one juror could even be seen crying.

Jack specializes in specialty leasing and urban redevelopment at CBRE | UCR, formed from CBRE’s acquisition of United Commercial Realty early 2015. His team has played an instrumental role in revitalizing Dallas’ downtown core by brokering numerous property sales and lease transactions there.

Achievement and Honors

Gosnell has won numerous awards for his film editing work on movies such as Teen Wolf Too, Rookie of the Year and Pretty Woman – working alongside director Robert Altman on Popeye and The Silence of the Lambs as well.

Gosnell is widely recognized as an expert in data analytics and graph technology, which helps predict human behavior and inform decision-making processes. She has received multiple academic and professional awards.

Commercial real estate professionals gathered at Dallas Country Club for NTCAR’s Stemmons Service Award ceremony. CBRE|UCR Urban EVP Jack Gosnell received a standing ovation from his peers when receiving this year’s honor; other nominees included top commercial brokers from CBRE, Carey Cox & Citadel Partners.

Personal Life

Jack Gosnell died at 63 on the month day 1978 at his death place. He was married to Winifred Gosnell and had two children together.

Prosecutors allege that Gosnell killed late-term babies by cutting their spines, and taught staffers at his clinic how to do the same. One of those accused, Stephen Massof, testified he witnessed an infant move and breathe in an abortion room before being instructed to cut its spinal chord.

Defense counsel have maintained that there is insufficient evidence to establish that Gosnell gave birth alive; however, the prosecution rebutted this argument by noting that each of his seven murder charges included findings of malice; this term refers to conscious disregard of another life which is required in third-degree murder charges. Furthermore, jurors heard about numerous other abortion law violations.

Net Worth

Gosnell remains wealthy despite the criminal allegations brought against him; his net worth exceeds $8 Million and includes various properties and investments as well as inheriting his late mother’s estate and grandmother’s house in South Carolina.

He has served as film editor on many popular movies including Home Alone 3, Never Been Kissed, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Scooby-Doo, Mrs. Doubtfire and Home Alone 3 as well as directed them. Additionally he won awards for both directing and editing work; currently working on Disney Channel show “Smallville”. In Hollywood he is widely respected due to his unique directing and editing styles; known for being both popular director as well as an accomplished actor/singer!

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