Jack Hannon

Jack Hannon – A Jolt of Energy and a Hug of Love

Hannon’s response to Guthrie’s request led directly to the creation of NBS and has had an incredible influence over public health laboratory practices at both national and international levels. For his work, he received multiple professional awards and acknowledgements.

At Hughes Hubbard & Reed in Washington D.C., Hannon currently acts as an associate to provide clients with advice regarding sanctions, export controls and anti-money laundering regulations.

Early Life and Education

Hannon excelled as an all-star golfer during high school and was honored with being named to the All-Federal League team. Additionally, she took part in tennis and basketball – she even earned two degrees: bachelor of social work from University of Michigan and master’s in sociology.

After she graduated, she put her abilities to good use by volunteering her services in Troy. She became involved with both the Troy Public Library Board and Junior League of Troy; additionally she served on the Troy Cemetery Association Trustee board.

Hannon’s private collection of Gaelic oral gleanings soon caught the attention of professional folklorists, leading some of his material to be published in Eamonn O Tuathail’s, Henry Morris’ and Father Laurence Murray’s journals; other materials can be found within Hannon’s own copybooks and loose slips of paper.

Professional Career

Hannon was renowned for his expertise as a zoologist and animal specialist, making frequent appearances on talk shows as well as serving as an animal conservationist – traveling to over 80 countries worldwide to advocate for its preservation.

He was best known for his passion for animals and made regular appearances on Late Night with David Letterman and other talk shows, where his lively personality and amusing commentary became immensely popular.

Experienced business leader with a diverse work history. Adept in legal, financial and administrative management. He has held positions at Swank Motion Pictures and Honeywell Technology Solutions; additionally founded multiple businesses himself; currently working at Kirkland & Ellis LLP as litigation associate.

Achievement and Honors

Hannon was an energy booster and source of comfort to all who knew him. Always giving his best effort, he enjoyed practice just as much as competition – as well as both baseball and football with particular loyalty to the New York Yankees.

He served on several committees of the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI). His vision for laboratory quality in newborn screening prompted 13 CLSI standards/guidelines that ultimately became standards/guidelines.

Hannon has appeared on a variety of television programs, such as Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures, ZooLife with Jack Hanna and Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown. Additionally, he has written books such as Monkeys on the Interstate and Jungle Jack Hanna’s What Zoo-Keepers Do – Monkeys also appeared on covers of National Wildlife Magazine and Time magazines.

Personal Life

Jack Hannon brought energy and love into everyone he knew, providing 100% of himself all of the time. His life can best be described as being lived at full throttle – always giving 110%.

He networked with local business leaders and raised funds to establish larger, more natural habitats for his animals. His likable, easygoing personality and engaging way of showing them off made him hugely popular with visitors to the zoo.

Hannon’s collection of Gaelic oral gleanings garnered the interest of scholars and collectors, and eventually appeared in various compilations and articles. Together with Francis’ collection who died two years later a bachelor in Newry Workhouse, they represent one of the primary sources for understanding that last generation of native Irish speakers in Greater Crossmaglen area.

Net Worth

Jack Hanna has become one of the nation’s most well-known animal experts thanks to his signature khaki safari attire and contagious passion for wildlife. Hanna has hosted various television programs, such as Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures, Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild, and Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown, to name but a few.

Hannon is known for his expertise as both a zookeeper and bass fisherman; having written several books on the topic. Additionally, he regularly shares tips at fishing shows.

Suzi Egli is an animal advocate and philanthropist, participating in many conservation efforts alongside Hannon. Recently she shared some alarming news regarding Hannon’s health as he struggles with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Together the couple have three children.

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