Jack Hardin

Jack Hardin

Jack Hardin, an American author renowned for his adventurous books and strong Christian faith. Additionally he holds a black belt in martial arts.

He has held various equity research associate positions covering consumer staples, food and agribusiness and grocery/c-store sectors at different firms. In addition, he is a member of Argyle VFW Post in Chicago.

Early Life and Education

While incarcerated, he studied law and composed an autobiography. However, he became notorious for exaggerating or fabricating stories about himself that could not be corroborated and claimed credit for killings that could not be confirmed. After being released from incarceration he was shot dead by John Selman at an El Paso saloon after which John Selman took credit for killing him.

Rogers & Hardin and Travelers Aid of Metropolitan Atlanta. Additionally, he has received awards from both Anti-Defamation League and Chief Justice’s Commission on Professionalism for his outstanding services to these organizations.

He is the proud father of Kathryn Maddy and Charlotte Calkins as well as five grandchildren – including Henry Ross Denzie! Since its conception, he has served on the Board of Directors.

Professional Career

Jack Hardin is the author of several series of fictional novels. He created and writes both the Pine Island Coast Florida Suspense series as well as Team 99 Ops Thriller Series. To date he has published 21 books.

He represents individuals and businesses regarding corporate formation, partnership formation, business transactions, securities transactions, federal and state taxation issues, real estate matters, employee benefits matters and litigation. Additionally, he regularly appears before administrative agencies as well as having extensive trial experience before both bench and jury in both state and federal courts.

Outside his legal practice, he enjoys reading and writing. Furthermore, he holds a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo; is proficient with bo staffs and nunchucks; as well as teaching self-defense courses to women.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Hardin has received many honors for his efforts in the community. These awards include receiving the Ben F. Johnson Jr. Public Service Award from Georgia State University College of Law as well as receiving the Turknett Leadership Character Award and being listed among Atlanta’s Most Admirable CEOs.

At Gateway LLC he serves as chairman and actively supports charities that assist the homeless population. Additionally, he sits on the Georgia Legal Services Foundation board.

He takes great pleasure in the practice of martial arts; he holds a Second Degree Taekwondo Black Belt and provides women’s self-defense classes. Additionally, he has written multiple novels within both series; Pine Island Coast Florida Suspense Series and Team 99 Thriller Series.

Personal Life

Jack Hardin is married and the proud parent of three children. An avid sports fanatic, Jack enjoys reading, playing games and hiking – among many other pastimes. Furthermore, Jack holds a black belt in Taekwondo as well as being proficient with bo staffs and nunchucks and teaching women’s self-defense.

He is the author of multiple series including Pine Island Coast Florida Suspense and Team 99 Series. Additionally, he serves as a blogger and social media influencer; currently working on another book in Pine Island Coast series.

He may be related to Alex Thomas Camaille, Angela M Randel, Brian Roger Fischer and Sheri M Doucette – 1377 MyHeritage DNA test takers have claimed they descend from him! Discover if you could be one of them!

Net Worth

Jack Hardin estimated to have an estimated net worth of $2.68 Million as of March 2023. As of that date, he owned over 1,201 Cal-Maine Foods shares worth more than $194,811. In recent years he made at least 9 trades of CALM stock since 2015 with the largest transaction being on October 19, 2015 for over $1,366,485.

Hardin engages his passion for martial arts through Taekwondo training. He holds a second-degree black belt in this art and is proficient with bo staffs and nunchucks; additionally he teaches women’s self-defense classes. Hardin has written several series including Pine Island Coast Florida Suspense novels such as Broken Stern; as well as Team 99 series novels like Shallow Breeze Bitter Tide and Vacant Shore in 2018.

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