Jack Harley

Jack Harley

Jack Harley is a chartered surveyor currently working at Fisher German’s Property Management & Consultancy Division in Chester. A native of rural North Devon, Jack has an affinity with nature that runs deep.

He is best known as the author of 16 Jack Reacher novels published by Lee Child and will soon be brought to life by Tom Cruise on film.

Early Life and Education

1911: HJE graduated Hollywood High School (HHS) as an avid athlete, earning himself some notoriety by misusing a pole vaulting stick and nearly starting a riot. However, he remained an enthusiastic athlete taking part in rugby and basketball as well as horsemanship and hunting activities.

1907: Together with his brother William, they initiated Coasting as a new sport for local boys to play. It involved building handmade box carts capable of traversing Los Angeles’ famed hills at top speeds.

1955: At a time when women still hadn’t reached equality with men in business, HJE appointed a team of female designers to his Styling department – something which caused much debate within Detroit’s male-dominated industry and resulted in one newspaper writer dubbing them “Damsels of Design”.

Professional Career

Jack Harley has had an accomplished career as both an investor and financial professional. His expertise lies in risk management, asset allocation and derivative strategies – an expertise which he brings to bear when using options, volatility and derivatives.

He is currently the co-founder of FirstPower Group LLC, an industrial manufacturing and equipment company that specializes in maintaining older high voltage circuit breakers and compressors. He has an established history of success with his business ventures as well as involvement in several charitable organizations.

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Achievement and Honors

Harley also excelled as an athlete, playing football for the Pittsburgh Steelers and earning multiple All-American honors.

He served in World War II with the U.S. Army before becoming active in local politics and serving as mayor of Lisbon during later years.

He is survived by his wife, daughter, and grandchildren. To honor John W. Harley’s dedication to education, his family has established the John W. Harley Memorial Scholarship Fund which will annually award one exemplary high school student in Lisbon with a $5,000 cash award; applications close April 30. For more information visit the scholarship page of the Community Foundation’s website.

Personal Life

John Laker Harley CBE FRS FRS FIBiol (17 November 1911 – 12 December 1990) was a British botanist renowned for his studies of ectomycorrhizal physiology. From 1961-83 he served on the editorial staff of New Phytologist magazine as editor.

He served in the Royal Signals Corps during World War II.

Jack convinces Whit, Connie and their parents to return with him to the cave where they discover a man following them and telling them he is a bootlegger who needs them to escape quickly.

Officer Harley steps in and rescues them as only he can! (This episode is exclusive to members of Adventures in Odyssey Club.) Additionally, this marked the first time both Hal Smith and Parley Baer appeared together on an Adventures in Odyssey show episode.

Net Worth

Jack Harley boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million. His income primarily stems from business operations, television appearances and brand endorsements; in addition he is a noted musician/songwriter/composer.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and him share two children. Additionally, Ronnie has an impressive following on Instagram and impressive merchandise sales figures.

He previously sang backup for Wham! and co-wrote a relationship advice book with Shirlie Kemp. Additionally, he appeared in The Martin Kemp Files hit show.

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