Jack Harpster

Jack Harpster

Jack Harpster, a retired newspaper business manager who currently resides in Reno, Nevada has written multiple personal and institutional biographies including The Railroad Tycoon Who Built Chicago; an examination of one of America’s most iconic entrepreneurs.

At Warzone Atlanta this past weekend he took first place with his Grey Knights list, outshouting runners-up Mike Porter (Harlequins) and Jaime Paris (Space Wolves). A highly consistent player who knows his faction inside-out.

Early Life and Education

Harpster spent 43 years as the business manager for newspapers primarily in California and Nevada before retiring in 2002. Since then he has written four personal biographies as well as two institutional ones; most recently his book King of the Slots: William “Si” Redd (Praeger 2010) features this Reno legend who amassed millions in silver coins while gambling at Virginia Street casinos.

He has also published two biographies of railroad magnates: The Railroad Tycoon Who Built Chicago (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2006); and Captive! David Ogden and the Iroquois (Praeger, 2010).

Harpster is currently conducting research for his book about Duane L. Bliss, a lumber baron from Reno’s Comstock Lode lumber industry who loved Reno while abhorring banks and paper money. Ideally, next year will see completion of Riverside-Virginia Street bridge project so he can write about this historic event as well.

Professional Career

Jack Harpster boasts an extensive list of professional accomplishments, which include serving 43 years on the business management side of newspapers in California and Nevada. Additionally, his work included stints as long-haul truck driver.

He has written four personal biographies and two institutional ones, such as William B. Ogden: A Biography from Praeger (2010) and John Ogden the Pilgrim (1609-1682) A Man with More Than Ordinary Mark from Fairleigh Dickinson University Press (2006).

Jack has long been a veteran of the 40k competitive scene, amassing an impressive collection of GT wins over time. Specializing in off-meta armies with innovative playstyles, Jack is adept at winning events across various factions – an ability which helps him stay on top.

Achievement and Honors

Jack has distinguished himself in an exceptional year of tabletop play by amassing an outstanding record across all events, winning six gold and finishing on the podium at two events! It is quite remarkable when considering that he only participated in nine factions!

He was an influential force in early Chicago development and westward expansion, and also an uncompromising negotiator who didn’t always meet with success among his associates.

Harpster packs his book with incredible depth of research-backed detail that paints an astoundingly realistic portrait of Redd. Harpster does an admirable job of not glossing over Redd’s flaws either; their inclusion adds another level of authenticity.

Personal Life

Jack Harpster is a retired newspaper business manager and historical biographer who specializes in personal and institutional biographies. To date, he has authored six such biographies, most recently Lumber Baron of the Comstock Lode: The Lives and Times of Duane L. Bliss published by Praeger Publishers.

He is an enthusiastic tabletop gamer, having achieved top ten rankings at several ITC tournaments this year – most notably a win against Mike Porter in the semifinals of NOVA Open!

Harpster is active in community service beyond his writing work. He frequently presents on history and genealogy for civic and educational organizations, serves on the board of directors for Nevada State Museum Carson City, as well as lecture series like Frances Humphrey Lecture Series at this museum.

Net Worth

Jack is an accomplished veteran 40k competitor who boasts multiple Grand Tournament victories including the NOVA Invitational. Additionally, he has taken home multiple Battle for Salvation matches while maintaining top 20 ITC rankings. Jack specializes in playing non-meta armies with an emphasis on deployment, movement and board control to limit opponent options.

Jack Harpster received his Bachelor’s in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin and spent 43 years as business management for newspaper companies in California and Nevada before retiring in 2002. A published author, he wrote an historical biography of one of his mother’s family members as well as several book chapters related to historical topics. Jack currently resides in Reno with his wife Bette.

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