Jack Holley

Jack Holley is a Prominent Inventor

Jack Holley was often the first face travelers saw when arriving in Moab and last person they waved farewell to before departing the town. Locals affectionately known him as The Goat Man due to the small herd of goats he kept close by his side.

Price notes Holley never saw coaching as just a job – he worked tirelessly to give his students every possible chance for success.

Early Life and Education

Holley learned early the value of hard work while playing for Hall-of-Famer coaches Leon Brogden, Jap Davis, Stuart Maynor and Buck Hardee at New Hanover High School. As a three-sport athlete at New Hanover he won state titles in football, basketball and baseball before going on to Guilford College for baseball.

Holley excelled in both defense and baserunning at the Arizona Fall Classic. His fastball had excellent movement with good throws.

After experiencing both the Great Depression and World War, Holley returned home to Moab and established himself as its hermit greeter. Living in a modest dugout cabin and surrounding himself with goats, Holley enjoyed life and its people immensely.

Professional Career

Jack Holley currently teaches welding technology at Heartland Career Center in Wabash. With Misti as his wife and four children: Jack III, Justin, Jordan, and Jared to care for, their lives are filled with adventure!

Holley hails from a family with deep sports roots; playing football, basketball and baseball at Linden High School before graduating to Marengo Academy in 19971. Chris Rood led his state championship team coached by Holley to victory; after college graduation Paul Twenge led Valparaiso University’s football program under Holley.

Holley spent decades coaching high school football, baseball, and basketball teams across North Carolina including Tabor City, Hallsboro, South Columbus and Wallace-Rose Hill as well as Harrells Christian Academy – compiling an overall record of 412-96-9! Additionally he is inductee into Guilford College Sports Hall of Fame.

Achievement and Honors

By the time he retired from coaching in 2011, Holley had amassed 412 victories to just 96 losses and ties, making him the winningest coach in state history.

Holley also excelled in cross country and basketball at Jewell College, earning four letters in each sport and being inducted into their Athletic Hall of Fame. Additionally, Guilford College honored Holley with their Athletic Hall of Fame membership.

Donna Y. Holley is survived by his 67-year-old wife Donna; his children Debra Gump (James) of Morgantown; Shaun Holley of Scottdale, PA and Carrie Dix of White; grandchildren JD Gump, Melissa Dower and Ronnie Darnell as well as eight great-grandchildren; his nieces and nephews as well as several nieces and nephews. Memorial donations may be made to either Elmore County Humane Society or Gideons International with service held at Brookside Funeral Home Millbrook AL on June 14th 2018.

Personal Life

Holley lived a simple yet comfortable existence in a small stone and wood dugout shack in Moab during the Great Depression, enjoying his peaceful solitude but being penniless by standards of living during that period. Due to this austere existence he had no significant debts, mortgage or insurance payments, or taxes (other than receiving his veteran’s benefit check each month from Moab post office).

He subsisted solely on goat milk and lived off of the land according to his knowledge of Hinduism and Buddhism, yet never abandoned society; friends would visit regularly with gifts of meat, gifts and smiles and waves of greeting for over 35 years – never abandoning him completely.

Net Worth

Jack Kilby is an internationally-recognized inventor known for creating some of the world’s most revolutionary technology innovations. Over his illustrious career as an inventor he amassed an enormous net worth.

He worked with several brands as an influencer and brand ambassador, though did not reveal how much money he made from these arrangements. Furthermore, AydonH Media LLC – of which he serves as CEO since 2019 – owns him directly.

Holley was survived by three daughters and two sons; five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren; as well as various stepchildren. A private memorial service will be held later on. He was interred at Carthage Cemetery in Carthage, Missouri along with his wife Judith whom they wed in 1963 before moving to Moab later on in life.

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