Jack Kalinski

Jack Kalinski and BluSky Restoration Contractors

Alison Kalinski provides advice to both independent schools and public agencies regarding employment law issues related to discrimination, harassment, whistleblower retaliation retaliation wrongful termination wage hour violations defamation. She also regularly counsels school clients regarding student and parental concerns.

Emma Boehm, a sophomore from Waterloo, Illinois took one of Kalinski’s classes this semester and credits it for helping her understand the history of doping in Russia.

Early Life and Education

Jack would draw dresses for both girls and boys when he was growing up, always with support from his family and never letting anyone get in his way of his genderqueer dreams. Later he attended college before beginning work in fashion industry.

People often believe first loves don’t last, but Jack Blue Kalinski may prove them all wrong. Living in Cayuga, New York, Jack has established a fulfilling life he enjoys: coaching an elite hockey team to victory; building tight bonds of friendship among friends; and doting on his son Victor. However, things become complicated when sexy Martin McKittrick captures both Jack’s eye and heart; their secret romance takes fashion by storm but challenges the bond they share together.

Professional Career

Jack Kalinski serves as Vice President for BluSky Restoration Contractors’ Memphis, Tennessee office and holds both a Bachelor’s in Management from Crichton College and an MBA from Union University of Tennessee. Both he and Craig Turner, another BluSky Office Vice President with over two decades of experience in commercial, residential, federal, municipal, healthcare construction as Vice Presidents respectively. Furthermore, Brian Sullivan joins as Tampa Office Vice President bringing with him more than 10 years’ worth of restoration executive experience to BluSky.

Achievement and Honors

Kalinski has shared his extensive research into Russian doping in sport with multiple news outlets over recent years. He has interviewed with multiple reporters and even been featured in a German documentary. His efforts have been recognized by multiple organizations, such as Japan’s Asahi Shimbun newspaper.

Emma Boehm, a sophomore exercise science and athletic training major from Waterloo, Illinois, says that she enjoys taking one of Kalinski’s classes and appreciates his teaching style. She said she learned from his expertise on Russian doping practices – the Olympic scandal of 2016 being evidence of this fact. Kalinski informs his students about doping issues such as those found with doping practices being prevalent worldwide and highlights those found participating.

Personal Life

Jack Kalinski has not only excelled professionally but is also a respected husband and father living in Greenwich Connecticut with his wife and two children. Additionally, he writes a popular blog as well as publishing an inspirational book: Beyond Gridlock and Greed.

Victor Kalinski is enjoying both professional and personal fulfillment. Both he and his wife are doing well in their careers, which makes for a rewarding teamwork environment. Furthermore, both are surrounded by loved ones and good friends, adding even further satisfaction to their successful lives. Kalinski recently was appointed Vice President for BluSky’s Charlotte office.

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