Jack Kandarian

Jack Kandarian

Deadites differ from traditional zombies by having an earthen complexion and sparkling white eyes, yet remain strong, swift, and immune to pain – much like their human master.

Jack Kandararian has over two decades of experience as a winemaker in various grape-growing regions across the world, serving as executive vice president of winemaking at John Anthony Family of Wines.

Early Life and Education

Jack Kandarian was an unknown early figure; it is likely he was born in Massachusetts and raised in California. Known for being a highly skilled computer programmer with numerous technical publications under his name; an accomplished author known for multiple novels written; winning awards as a horror writer as well as appearing in films and video games featuring horror genre content; including creating The Shining-inspired elevator scene in Evil Dead Rise as well as possessing Charles Grady for years before taking possession. Kandarian demons tend to attack close relatives or loved ones of those they possess like Charles Grady did; usually targeting people close to those they possess when possessing them, with deadly results; demons like those that possessed Charles Grady tend to turn violently towards those close and family if given power over by them or by people they possess them as they try to gain power over them all too many times; especially close family if their possession, such as when Charles Grady had to possessed him or others who helped them.

Personal Life

John Kandarian died at age 78, having been married to Alice Santoian and having five siblings. He is interred at Hanford Cemetery in Hanford, California.

He has written several books on Armenian history and is also an accomplished musician. Additionally, he is devout Catholic with an impressive and longstanding career having accomplished numerous landmarks during his lifetime.

Demons summoned from the Necronomicon often target close friends and family of their targets; hence why the 3rd volume took place in Ellie’s apartment and Ash’s cabin. Charles Grady’s demonic possession was prevented due to his weakness for cold, while Jack’s was foiled when Beth put him in a cold bath. Although most demons summoned from this book are quick killers, sometimes waiting until someone they know is vulnerable before attacking them is an effective defense strategy.

Net Worth

Kandarian’s financial success is truly amazing. He amasses significant wealth in his bank and spends a portion of it to aid those who are less fortunate than himself. Additionally, he is known as someone who speaks his mind – such as when he openly criticised the Feds by suggesting they had made math errors in their calculations.

He takes great pride in being a middle class guy who made wise business decisions and worked hard to become wealthy. He generously donated much of his wealth to charity while serving as a positive role model to his children. According to Form 4 filings he owned shares in AECOM (ACM) and Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM).

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