Jack Kilbride

Jack Kilbride, Known to Most As Jack, Kilbride, Passed Away Today

Kilbride dedicated his professional life to keeping Northeastern running smoothly, while remaining an adored father, husband, and grandpa. He leaves behind daughters, grandchildren, as well as many family and friends to remember him fondly.

Kilbride’s attempts at mansplaining feminism were both misguided and offensive, appealing to stereotypes about female hysteria while downplaying anger about income inequality among other issues.

Early Life and Education

Jack Kilbride was an admired family man and dear friend to many. He leaves behind his daughter, two sisters and several nieces and nephews he was known throughout Northeast Missouri for his expansive knowledge of Missouri State’s electrical system as well as his unique wit.

On November 23, 1963, Hindley lured 12-year-old John Kilbride to Saddleworth Moor by pretending she needed him for carrying boxes. Once there, Hindley sexually assaulted and strangled John to death using string likely taken from his shoelace; they buried him shortly thereafter in a shallow grave near Wardle Brook Avenue house of Brady where there were photos showing John’s grave with the name John written on them; police located it and charged both individuals with his death.

Professional Career

Jack Kilbride currently serves as Director at Reimelt. He earned an honours degree in media and criminology from Melbourne University, Australia before going on to earn a Masters in journalism from Manchester University, UK. Furthermore, Jack is also a music columnist and sub-editor for Farrago magazine.

East Kilbride’s newly signed striker Jack Smith made an impressive debut against BSC Glasgow but failed to impress Andy, his former footballer father and harshest critic.

Achievement and Honors

Kilbride was known by most simply as Jack. As part of Northeastern’s Facilities Division, he served as an invaluable source of guidance and wisdom, helping students and colleagues navigate its complex electrical system with his extensive knowledge. He always managed to do it with great humor!

Kilbride won their inaugural Junior Championship in 1960 and held onto it until 1962 when they also claimed an Intermediate title. By 1964 Martin, Gerry and Jack had become part of Meath’s full squad that reached an All Ireland semi final.

Meath’s encounter against Galway would be remembered for an iconic incident when Martin was tackled by two Skryne players and believed the referee blew his whistle for overcarrying instead of free out. Although Meath ultimately lost, this momentous moment marked Meath as a football power.

Personal Life

Kilbride had an enormous love of his family and friends, as well as of Northeastern. His expertise with Northeastern’s electrical system was legendary and always willing to assist others when needed. He served as a model among his peers as well as providing guidance and mentoring services for many students and young electricians.

Kilbride’s spirit remained unshattered despite serving two tours in Vietnam and suffering health problems due to Agent Orange exposure, yet he remained an enthusiastic supporter of veterans, serving as president of Freeport Police Benevolent Association during contract negotiations in mid-1980s, while also fighting to allow officers to carry semiautomatic weapons.

Joan leaves behind two loving couples – Michael and Karen Kilbride of Levittown and KellyAnne O’Toole and Ryan O’Toole from Middletown; nine grandchildren; one great-grandchild and her sister Carol Parcesepe.

Net Worth

Kilbride’s Vanguard Dividend Growth fund may have lost more than the Nasdaq during recent market crises, but he believes his emphasis on quality and consistency will ultimately pay off over time. According to SEC filings he invests most of his own wealth into this strategy which ranks in Morningstar’s balanced category top quartile.

At 23 February 2007, he owned at least 3,917 units of Mohawk Industries stock which he has traded over three times since 2004 – see his full insider trading history here. In addition, he performed with United Vibe who were finalists on Season Two of The X Factor UK; additionally he has appeared on various shows and movies and written a book.

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