Jack Larkin

Jack Larkin

Jack took pleasure in living life to the fullest, enjoying adult beverages, great meals, and engaging conversations with both friends and students alike.

At Old Sturbridge Village, he channeled his passion for history into his job at a living history museum that recreates early New England life. He spearheaded the establishment of the Small House Project to showcase how average people lived.

Early Life and Education

Scholar and music lover, Dr. DeKarb was also an accomplished lecturer who provided invaluable mentorship for his students.

After an impressive radio career in which he played fictional criminal attorney Perry Mason for an estimated 7,500 drama shows, Larkin transitioned into television daytime drama The Edge of Night as Mike Karr.

Irving Vendig, who had written the radio Perry Mason series, expanded it for television use and cast Larkin as Karr. Larkin distinguished himself in dramatic courtroom scenes while simultaneously portraying human frailty balanced by strong determination – his performance lasting from April 1962 until January 1965 on air.

Professional Career

Jack Larkin is one of those rare people you just enjoy being around, with an unconventional style and interesting opinions to offer. He makes for the ideal companion during long drives or just to listen to on the radio!

Larkin has made significant contributions to scholarship on Philippine history and Asian studies throughout his career, serving on both editorial boards for Pilipinas magazine and on the Harry J. Benda Prize committee at AAS.

Gawthrop Greenwood, PC currently employs him as a partner, where he specializes in municipal and corporate litigation. Outside the office he and his wife, Laura, are loving parents to six-month-old Margaret whom they reside with in Radnor Pennsylvania.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Larkin was an esteemed voice in radio. His work included guest starring roles and two series; as well as appearances in numerous prime time dramatic shows.

He was especially fond of boxing and served in the United States Navy Mediterranean Fleet’s welterweight competitions as a boxer. His love for boxing carried on throughout his life and inspired many young men to pursue it themselves.

Larkin traveled to America in the early 1920s in order to raise funds for both ITGWU and ICA, leaving James Connolly in charge. Larkin became involved with socialist politics during this period; eventually becoming jailed during Red Scare on charges of criminal anarchy; during which time, Charlie Chaplin would visit him there.

Personal Life

Larkin put his vast knowledge of early American history to good use while serving as chief historian and museum scholar at Old Sturbridge Village, a living-history museum located near Sturbridge in Massachusetts. Additionally, he held affiliations at Clark University as an affiliate professor of history as well as frequently lecturing to museums and historical organizations.

In 1956, he made a brief but memorable television debut on The Edge of Night; its six and half months of air time saw his role of Frank Dana mirror that of Perry Mason on radio. Don MacLaughlin and Virginia Dwyer co-starred on this daytime drama show as featured actors; Virginia Dwyer would later reprise that role on radio as well.

Later that year, he guest-starred on two of the most-watched westerns at that time, Gunsmoke and Bonanza. 1964 marked another ten guest appearances, including his fourth Perry Mason episode as well as three well-delineated medium shots.

Net Worth

Jack Larkin has had an incredible 10-year career. Throughout this time he has appeared in over thirty films and written music and performed on stage – often working alongside big name musicians such as Kanye West. Today his net worth stands at over $2 Million.

Larkin quickly rose to become one of the most beloved characters on The Edge of Night television daytime drama. He delivered powerful courtroom speeches while portraying human frailty tempered with resilient determination.

He is an impressive rookie for the Detroit Red Wings this season, performing admirably as one of their key additions. Comparable to superstar rookies such as Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel, his size and skill set make him a key asset on their squad.

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