Jack Micheline

Jack Micheline

Jack Micheline died of a heart attack while riding on the San Francisco Bart train in February 1998, having lived an unconventional existence on the fringes of society as an eccentric poet.

Born Harvey Martin Silver in the Bronx, he later adopted Jack after Jack London and Micheline after his mother’s maiden name Micheline. In 1958 he published his first collection of poems entitled River of Red Wine.

Early Life and Education

Micheline began his early years by working as a sweater factory worker, jazz musician and panhandler. Later he would travel to Mexico and Israel in order to find himself, becoming a poet of the downtrodden using rhythmic street speech as his subject matter. Micheline would publish over 20 poetry books – mimeographs or chapbooks sold for just one dollar in bars and saloons; as well as begin painting using gouache in an informal primitive style learned while traveling.

In the 1950s he met Jack Kerouac, Norman Mailer and Franz Kline as well as other Beat writers and became associated with them. Although initially labeled a Beat Poet by some sources – although he preferred being known as a Street Poet instead – he lived a bohemian lifestyle, embodying John Appleseed’s vagabond tradition while leaving behind him poems across America in his wake.

Professional Career

Micheline published over two dozen volumes of poetry – both mimeographed and chapbooks. Additionally, he developed his signature primitive style while on an expedition financed by Franz Kline to Mexico City.

He wrote of impoverished workers, petty criminals, junkies, prostitutes and disenfranchised artists – weaving their tales using street speech and ethnic dialects. He championed liberal causes while denouncing oppressive elements within society which enforced censorship or tacitly accepted racism.

Micheline published over twenty books and was included in several early Beat anthologies. He rejected being labeled as a Beat poet and preferred vagabond traditions of American poets like Vachel Lindsay and Maxwell Bodenheim instead of being classified as part of this movement. Micheline died suddenly while traveling by train through San Francisco in 1998 from a heart attack.

Achievement and Honors

Micheline’s poetry echoed the rhythms of spoken language, particularly ethnic dialects and jazz music. Its subject matter (such as prostitutes, dreamers and drunks ), however, placed it within the Beat milieu even though Micheline did not regard himself as part of this movement.

Micheline began publishing his work while doing various odd jobs in 1954; by 1957 his collection River of Red Wine included an introduction from Jack Kerouac and received favorable review in Esquire magazine by Dorothy Parker; this experience propelled Micheline into literary success.

Micheline was not only known for writing poetry, but was also an accomplished self-taught painter who created primitive gouache paintings in a primitive style influenced by Franz Kline (an abstract expressionist). Micheline joined liberal causes throughout his life and strongly condemned elements of government that enforced censorship or tacitly accepted racism.

Personal Life

Jack Micheline was born Harvey Martin Silver on November 6, 1929 in the Bronx of New York and took his name by adding an “e” to Helen, his mother’s maiden name. Later he took the pen name Jack after admiring author Jack London.

Micheline joined liberal causes throughout his life and challenged those within society who enforced censorship or tacitly accepted racism. He contributed frequently to the underground magazine Open City; one story featuring him using the word “fuck” led to him facing obscenity charges.

In 1958 he published his first collection of poems River of Red Wine with an introduction by Jack Kerouac and favorable reviews from Dorothy Parker. Over his lifetime Micheline wrote about poor workers, petty criminals, prostitutes and junkies while weaving poetry from street speech and ethnic dialects.

Net Worth

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