Jack Pargen

Jack Pargen Passes Away

Rumors swirled of an affair between Carmarthen Jack and Catty of Llidiard-y-Fynnon spread with great amusement among Tregaron residents and its surroundings.

Unused to the favors and advances of women, Jack of Sheer Gar responded with humility to any gestures from them. When Sheer Gar offered him hers in return, however, he accepted them with gratefulness rather than pride.

Early Life and Education

Jack was an outgoing and friendly boy who enjoyed making friends. They danced with him, read to him and showed their affection in many different ways. Jack loved traveling with his family – they would take day trips, beach days, hiking expeditions and shopping expeditions together. Additionally he enjoyed German dance, swimming and anything outdoors; especially being at his dock on Lake Ontario where he could hang out until afternoon boat rides came by and hikes took place with dad; also an avid country and blues music lover, Jack will be greatly missed by his parents, brother, extended family as well as many friends he leaves behind. Jack will also be predeceased by maternal Grandparents as well as paternal Grandfather.

Elmer Pargen was born November 30th 1916 and passed away July 15th 2007. He is survived by his wife Faye, daughter Sally Hart Borgen (Edina MN) and son Don Pargen (Springfield MO). Among his surviving descendants are grandchildren Corey Thomas Pargen Rowan Tyler

Professional Career

After 50 years as an active state trooper, he led numerous cases including safe crackings, bank robberies, and the capture of an armed inmate who escaped custody. Career highlights for him included two Meritorious Citations and Trooper of the Year awards. When not on duty he enjoyed golf, gardening and spending afternoons at Captains Cove.

Jack also served as head baseball coach at River Dell High School in Oradell, NJ where his record stood at 141-94-5 with 11 league playoff appearances, 4 championships, and four no-hitters to his credit.

Jack leaves behind his wife, son Brady; aunts and uncles Gerhard Pargen, Jeanne Bodine Pritchard, Barbara Winkler, Deborah Mittelholzer and Wayne Schrimp; cousins Arianna Pargen, Barrett Pritchard Nash Pritchard Daniel Cerretelli Christopher Cerretelli Mariah Medina Olivia Mittelholzer as well as Erna Pargen as well as extended family and friends.

Personal Life

He enjoyed traveling, day trips, and the beach where the wind would blow his hair in all directions. He especially treasured family and friends when they danced with or read to him; at home when cuddling with Brady or receiving kisses from mom.

His children include Sally Hart Borgen and husband Don, their children Tyler and Libby and their families; brother Pat Pargen and wife Gerry with their sons and daughters, sister Jean Beets with husband Jack as well as their children, grandchildren, extended family as well as many nieces and nephews; he was predeceased by his father and maternal grandparents.

Donations may be made to Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital to support Child Life and Family Resource programs.

Net Worth

Jack Pargen was an extremely wealthy individual. On 7 June 2021, his net worth reached at least $418 thousand dollars thanks to investments and salary. His investments included 264448 units of Resonant Inc stock worth over $288,186 which were exercised on 7 June 2021 worth $118,752. Furthermore, Jack earned a salary from Resonant of $129,995 annually. Jack is survived by his wife Sally; sons Don and Michael; sister Jean Beets with her husband Jack Beets as well as nieces and nephews as well as numerous friends.

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